Why Backyard Mosquito Control is a Better Option Than Screening Yourself In

Posted by Mosquito Squad

August 27, 2018

As the slight hint of fall is in the air this week, are you thinking “Thank Goodness! Now the mosquitoes will die down!”? It’s been a hot, wet summer so you may also be thinking that the mosquitoes were so bad this year, you practically never wanted to go outside. Here you are with a beautiful outdoor living space that you worked so hard on and it’s wasted on mosquitoes all summer. Your next thought is probably that you are NOT going through it again next year. But how will you fight it?

Screens. Screens keep bugs out. A screened in porch could be perfect. Or even one of those screen tents that you could set up on your patio. No more bugs. Great! But will it really be great? 
There are things to be considered.

  • First is the tent idea… you know how fast a summer storm in Greenville can hit and the wind, oh my gosh the wind! You’re going to be retrieving your tent from the next street over. So then you realize that you are going to have to put this tent up and take it down everytime you want to use it. Yep… that tent is going to sit in a box in the garage for the next 10 years after just one use.
  • So you squash the tent idea. “We will build a screened in porch!”, you say. “It will be great!”, you say. First question… do you have any money? This could be an expensive endeavor.
  • But maybe money isn’t an issue, and you can build what you want. The next question is how much fun is it going to be? You can sit. You can read. You could put a tv on the porch. Ummmm…. I think we’ve officially lost the point of being outside. Sitting in a screened in porch to enjoy the outdoors is a bit like opening a can of tuna to enjoy some good seafood. Think about what you will be missing. You can’t screen in your entire backyard, so you won’t be playing cornhole all summer and the July 4th volleyball tournament is out for sure.
  • Lastly and Loudly: Oh My Gosh the slamming doors! Kids in and out, in and out. That constant banging of the screen door! And guess what… they just let the bugs in any way.

There’s a Much Better Option for Mosquito Control

A screened in porch is a nice thing to have. A comfy chair and a cup of coffee in the morning with birds chirping… lovely. However, it’s not efficient for mosquito control.

You create an outdoor space for your pets and your family and you want to enjoy the plants, the sun, the space to run and play. Guess what? It is completely possible to do all of that even during a busy mosquito season.

Mosquito Squad of Greenville can eliminate up to 90% of the existing mosquitoes in your yard. The full season mosquito treatment program will eliminate them and keep them out. You don’t even have to wait until next year to begin. It’s the south so who knows how long it might stay warm enough for those evil bloodsuckers. Call us today at (864) 362-2013 and enjoy your yard for as long as the temperature will let you. Then when next year rolls around you’ll know what a great service it is and you’ll start early before the mosquitoes get in their first ear buzz.