Who to Trust for Professional Mosquito Control

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Who to Trust for Professional Mosquito Control

December 20, 2023

In our day-to-day lives during the summer, the promise of the outdoors is often too much to resist. Warm weather and long summer evenings keep us in parks, outdoor living spaces, and other natural areas for hours at a time, and these places should be savored this time of year! As we all know, however, there are a few things that try to spoil our time outdoors. Living in the south comes with a long list of perks, but the insects that overwhelm us during the warm season are not included on that list. Indeed, few things are quite as annoying, or disturbing, as ticks and mosquitoes harvesting our blood for nutrients. Unfortunately, these pests are a brutal reality in our region, and it is important to stay vigilant when they roam our backyards.

These creatures have a darker side than just delivering bites. Both ticks and mosquitoes can transmit dangerous pathogens to us that can result in life-altering consequences in some cases. For example, ticks are known to transmit bacterial diseases like Lyme disease, and mosquitoes can pass along West Nile virus and others to humans and animals alike. While these diseases are relatively rare in our region, the risk is always there with ticks and mosquitoes. At the very least, it is worth considering how to defend against both insects for the sake of your health and your outdoor living experience. With the summer weather approaching its end, now is the time to take advantage of the remainder of the outdoor living season’s prime, but don’t let ticks or mosquitoes take advantage of your time in nature. From special events to your everyday relaxation in your backyard, you can defend your outdoor experience with professional tick and mosquito control.

Looking for a “Mosquito Squad near me”? Look no further

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve worked to defend our customers against ticks and mosquitoes for nearly 20 years. With the help of our barrier protection treatments, we can guarantee impressive results that will dramatically reduce the ticks and mosquito populations on your property. Lasting for a maximum of 21 days, our traditional formula treatments will keep you defended for weeks at a time, meaning occasional reapplications will give you peace of mind through the remainder of summer and the fall.

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