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Keeping Mosquitoes Away: Insect Repellent

Posted by Mosquito Squad

August 31, 2019

Summer may be coming to an end in the St. Louis-area, but we’re still busy with camping trips, youth camp sessions, and backyard BBQs. Spending time outdoors means that mosquito safety for your children is still important.

To help protect your family from mosquitoes as you enjoy the outdoors at the end of summer and into fall, the Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis is sharing the following tips and advice for your outdoor activities:

Choose the Right Type of Insect Repellent 

Products such as wristbands, skin patches, supplements, lotions, wipes, candles, and bug zappers are all available and advertised as great for keeping mosquitoes away.

However, it’s typically best to choose an insect repellent that can be misted or rubbed onto you or your family members’ exposed skin.

Only purchase EPA-registered insect repellent that has DEET, picaridin, IR3535 or the oil of lemon eucalyptus as the active ingredient.

Applying Insect Repellent

First, be sure to follow all instructions on the chosen product’s label. While outside during bright, sunny days, apply sunscreen first, followed by insect repellent. Also, make sure to apply any mist products while outdoors – and away from food. Don’t forget to keep your face bite-free by applying repellent in your hands then carefully rub it on (rather than misting it directly on your face).

Safe Storage

After you’ve applied mosquito and pest repellent, be sure to store it out of the sight and reach of any young children in your household. While it can be easy to overlook this step, it’s especially important to any households with children who may not know how to properly handle a misting container or device.

So, enjoy the rest of summer, and be sure to stay mosquito safe!