Prepare for Mosquito Season in St. Louis

Posted by Mosquito Squad

January 5, 2020

With the historic rainfall and record-breaking flooding happening in the St. Louis-area, fighting mosquitoes this season may be a challenge for homeowners and businesses alike. It’s no secret that mosquitoes love standing water and warm weather, which is why The 7 T’s of Mosquito Control will be so important for mosquito and outdoor pest protection for your outdoor living spaces.

After our widespread rainfall events in Missouri this spring, you can take the following actions to reduce the mosquito population and breeding grounds on your property.

  • First, Tip: Reducing any standing water sources around your yard will help to eliminate mosquito threats. Lookout for common problem areas like children’s toys or wagons, areas around downspouts, plant container and pot saucers, outdoor dog bowls, tarps, gutters, kiddie pools, and flat rooftops.
  • Second, Toss: Be sure to remove any excess grass clippings, leaf litter and firewood from your outdoor living space.
  • Third, Turn: Flip over large yard objects that hold water after rainfall events, like portable sandboxes and big plastic toys.
  • Fourth, Remove Tarps: One of the most common breeding sites for mosquitoes that we find in backyards? Tarps that aren’t perfectly tightened will billow and stretch, holding water. Make sure to check tarps and get rid of any standing water that is left behind after a rainstorm.
  • Fifth, Take Care: Make sure to clean gutters and check your downspouts. You’ll also want to make sure your lawn grass is cut regularly and your irrigation systems aren’t leaking, causing lawn drainage issues in spots.
  • Sixth, Team Up: While you can take care of your own property, it doesn’t hurt to check-in with your neighbors too! Homes that are close together and townhomes make it that much easier for mosquito problems at an adjacent property to affect your own family and outdoor living areas.
  • Seventh, Treat: Our professional mosquito elimination barrier treatments reduce the need for using DEET bug sprays and eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes and ticks on a property. With reports of heavier mosquito activity for St. Louis this year, it will be important to follow The 7 T’s of Mosquito Control to help keep your property free of outdoor pests. Looking for local professional help? Contact our team today at (314) 582-3980!