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5 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Posted by Mosquito Squad

April 11, 2014

You have everything planned down to the minute, everything will be perfect. The only things that can put a damper on your perfect outdoor wedding are the guests – invited and uninvited. From seating charts (you can’t seat Aunt Sheila next to Aunt Linda or it’s a whole thing), to catering (you know how your fiancee’s uncle’s cousin will turn into the Stay Puff man if he walks by a restaurant that serves crab) – the day may be all about the bride, but the comfort of your guests is a big priority.

You want everyone to remember how perfect it was when you exchanged vows in the glow of sunset, and the amazing tenderloin that was served, so here are five tips to make sure your guests are comfortable at your outdoor wedding.

1) Plan for Rain and Heat – St Louis weather is a wildcard, so much that you probably thought of more than one cliche when you read the first part of this sentence. Have a backup plan for rain ready to go. And in case of a heatwave, you could attach your programs to handheld fans for guests to use to cool themselves or consider renting a tent that is sturdy enough for wind and blocks the harsh rays of the sun. Plan for unwelcome weather because, after all, if you don’t like the weather in St Louis, just wait a minute.

2) Can You Hear My Vows Now? – On a beach, in a park, or on a hillside, planning an outdoor wedding means you need to consider the noises around you, and no one wants to spend months agonizing over vows that their guests can’t even hear. Renting a sound system will help cut through some of the environmental noise that could otherwise drown out your hard-fought and loving words.

3) Chose the Right Foods and Drinks – You just landed from your honeymoon, and finally have access to cell reception. The first thirty messages are from your mom, with a blow-by-blow update on how everyone got sick in the days following your wedding. With each message, she gets more in touch with her inner health inspector Nancy Drew, and finally, she has figured out it was the mayonnaise-based side you chose, the one she told you was a bad idea. Find a caterer who has experience with outdoor weddings and will help guide your selections. Also, make sure there are plenty of beverages available aside from the typical libations. An ice tea bar, with lemonade for Arnold Palmers, is a great addition that will keep guests hydrated. And leave cute buckets with bottled water at the top of the aisle so guests can grab one on their way down.

4) Give Your Guests the Time of Day – Depending on what time your ceremony is held, the sun will be at different places on the horizon. Situate your guests so the sun is at their backs during the ceremony to avoid eyeball burn out, or staring into a see of Agent Smiths as you head back down the aisle.

5) Keep Uninvited Guests from Ruining the Day – With outdoor weddings you can’t ignore the buzzing and biting party crashers that will inevitably show up. Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis Louis offers a special event treatment package that you can use to combat the mosquitoes and ticks that, like it or not, will show up. Mosquito Squad is an experienced and trusted company that will help make your event memorable for the right reasons. Don’t hand out flyswatters as favors, stick with a professional mosquito control service to keep this from happening to you.