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5 Reasons Our Services are Different Than the Other Bug Guys

Posted by Mosquito Squad

April 5, 2014

When you’re planning a wedding you wouldn’t hire a cook at the greasy spoon to cater because grease stains and burger smells aren’t the best accessories for that pricey white gown. So when you are hiring a backyard pest control service, you want to make sure you hire the best team to fight the bite, or your backyard is just another buffet for the local mosquito and tick populations.

For five years we’ve been helping families in St. Louis control mosquitoes and ticks so they can take back their yard and enjoy entertaining and relaxing outdoors. And in honor of our five year anniversary we submit for your approval:

Five Reasons Mosquito Squad of Greater Saint Louis is Different from The Other Bug Guys

1) Our Team – Since we are a seasonal outdoor bug control service, we have a team of enthusiastic, fit technicians who work hard to make money during the summer to pay for college tuitions and sports programs. But if they want to mist on our team they must clear a thorough background check before they start our certified forty-hour training program. We are proud of our team of friendly, professional, and hard working technicians.

2) Specialized License – We are a dedicated outdoor pest control service so we maintain a requisite, specialized license specifically for structural pest management, passing the rigorous standards of the Missouri Department of Agriculture. And we are fully insured for these services. This also means we are staying up to date on the changes in policies and regulations for our industry.

3) Backed By a Powerhouse –  As a member of the larger Mosquito Squad network, we have access to the latest tools, technology, research, and news related to mosquitoes, ticks and other outdoor bugs. Our relationship with the national Mosquito Squad group helps to ensure that we are prepared to fight the bite year after year. Our services and products are cutting-edge. We may cost a little more, but you’re getting more too. With over 140 locations, we are the world’s leader in mosquito elimination!

4) Just Call, Text or Email Our Office, and We’ll Be There – How’s that for an earworm? Our policy is that our team is ready to respond within 24 hours of your call if you need us to respray. With our 100% happiness guarantee, we aren’t happy unless you’re happy. No matter if you need to keep mosquitoes from crashing a special event, or if you’re still a twilight snack for those unwanted guests in your yard and you need a respray – call us and we’ll be there.

5) We Have a Heart – Giving back is what we love. Our partnership with Malaria No More proves that. Last year we helped save 750 lives in Africa by providing 750 treatments for malaria, the deadly disease spread by mosquitoes. We look forward to helping save even more lives this year!