Where do mosquitoes go in winter? And other mosquito treatment FAQs

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Where do mosquitoes go in winter? And other mosquito treatment FAQs

September 7, 2021

It’s been well documented that mosquitoes are pests that come out during the months of the year when we also want to spend time outdoors. In fact, it seems like they disappear when we head indoors for the cold. Have you ever wondered, “Where do mosquitoes go in winter?” By knowing the answer to this question and others about the habits of mosquitoes, you can minimize the effects that mosquitoes have on your social life next spring. Our team at Mosquito Squad has answers to help with your mosquito control plans.

Where do mosquitoes go in winter?

Rather than flying south for the winter, mosquitoes hibernate. Adult female mosquitoes will mate in the fall, then find a place to nuzzle down for the winter. They’ll often find sanctuary in hollow logs or even in your basement. Once they come out of hibernation, the females will lay their eggs and make way for a new generation of mosquitoes. Because they’re non-migratory, you can get rid of mosquitoes to minimize the impact they have on your home when it comes time for them to wake up in the spring.

Why do I need fall mosquito control?


Getting fall mosquito control is a great way to get a head start on treatment for next year. You can significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes that make your yard their home starting in the spring.

It’s important to understand that mosquitoes don’t die until temperatures get below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which won’t typically happen in Atlanta until about November. We can treat your yard to kill before then so they don’t come out of hibernation and lay eggs.

Should I mist again in the winter?

If you get fall mosquito control, you shouldn’t have to worry about misting again in winter. Your yard won’t be getting any new mosquitoes during this time as they’ve already died as males have a short life span and the mosquito treatment will have taken care of the females.

Get prepared with Atlanta mosquito control

We are pleased to offer mosquito barrier treatment that reduces 85-90% of mosquitoes in your yard. By keeping mosquitoes to a minimum right up until the cold weather arrives, you can enjoy a head start on your spring mosquito control! Call our team today to request a free quote for the best Greater Atlanta mosquito control services at your home or business.