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Rapid Exponential Mosquito Population Growth – What Does the Mosquito Life-Cycle Have to Do With It?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Rapid Exponential Mosquito Population Growth – What Does the Mosquito Life-Cycle Have to Do With It?

December 20, 2023

Does it seem as if each year Atlanta mosquitoes go from very few to millions overnight? You are not imagining it. Mosquitoes have a particular life cycle that allows them to populate quickly as soon as conditions are right. With females laying 100-200 eggs at once and the development from egg to the adult taking less than a week in optimal summer conditions – early intervention can mean the difference between hundreds of mosquitoes or hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes.

mosquito life cycle

Mosquito Math: The Mosquito Life-Cycle

There are four-stages in a mosquito life cycle.

  1. Egg
  2. Larva
  3. Pupa
  4. Adult

Adult female mosquitoes require a blood meal to produce eggs. They can produce as many as 300 eggs at once.

Those mosquito eggs are laid in water, called rafts.

The rafts get the required nutrients from the water.

They then develop into larvae and then pupae. Once they have enough nutrition to grow into adults, they fly out of the water and head off looking for a meal.

Depending on the species and climate of the area, this process can take as little as four days up to a month. The most optimal environment with heat and humidity expedites the time frame.

That means a single female mosquito can create 200 new mosquitoes in less than a week!

How many female mosquitoes have been trying to bite you? Do the math – 200 new mosquitoes for each one of those you see? Now you see how quickly this can spiral. The mosquitoes are not just finding and biting you. They bite other animals, including birds, mice, squirrels, deer, your beloved dog or cat, and more. Meaning you won't even know about many of the active mosquitoes on your property until they multiply into the thousands.

Early Works – Spring Mosquito Control Treatment for Optimal Results All Season

At Mosquito Squad of the Greater Atlanta area, we play a game of percentages. We can reduce the mosquitoes on your property by 85-90%. If you start with 100 mosquitoes, the results will be far fewer mosquitoes than if you start with thousands or millions.

While we can and will whittle away your mosquito infestation, the worse it is, the more treatments it will take before you get the optimal reduction.

Our goal is to get our clients signed up for treatment for the entire mosquito season. This allows us to treat your property when the first few active mosquitoes emerge from their winter slumber. By eliminating 85-90% of those mosquitoes, you get a head start in your summer-long mosquito control efforts. Stopping early-season mosquitoes from spawning by the hundreds and thousands is ideal.

If you're ready to reduce mosquitoes on your property, call today to request a free mosquito control quote. We look forward to hearing from you.