The Proven, Effective Way To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In The Greater Atlanta Area.

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My family will never forget the look on my face when I walked into a trendy hardware and furniture store a few years ago. They were selling a mosquito beater tennis racket device supposedly designed to get rid of the dreaded pests.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked – much too loud at the time.

Honestly, I just blurted it out as a reflex, not intending for anyone to hear me.

But hear me they did – store customers and the store cashiers at checkout.

The reason for my surprised reaction?

I knew they wouldn’t work, and would be a total waste of money.

Now that I know what I have learned over the years, when someone asks me, “How can I get rid of mosquitoes in Atlanta?” I have a two-word response: Mosquito Squad.

Mosquito Squad Gets Rid Of Mosquitoes

After we left the store, my family mused about those silly old wives’ tales of how to eliminate those insanely annoying creatures.

“Remember the one about creating a trap with vinegar,” my backseat passenger asked. “I sure do,” I replied.

Back in the day before Mosquito Squad mosquito control existed to get rid of mosquitoes, some people actually attempted to trap them with vinegar. Really.

As the notion goes, vinegar mosquito traps were thought to be a control solution, but they were not. Since there was no CO2 involved to lure the mosquitoes, those traps proved ineffective, disappointing folks who've tried them.

And the same is true of people who thought that UV light was the answer to their mosquito-ridding prayers. But the truth is, mosquitoes are not attracted to ultraviolet light any more than they are to regular artificial light. So if you think that your bug zapper is killing hundreds of mosquitoes, guess again. Those buzzing zappy zinger sounds you hear are not mosquitoes.

So How Do I Get Rid Of Mosquitoes?

There are two ways to control the little buggers.

1. Reduce standing water.

Why is reducing standing water important to control the mosquito population? Because water is necessary for mosquito eggs to hatch into larvae, so the female mosquitoes scout out a moist location to lay their eggs. The larvae, called wigglers, feed on organic matter in stagnant water and breathe oxygen from the surface. And if the water is still and tranquil – as opposed to flowing – it’s an open invitation for them to come and do their dastardly deed.

2. Hire the pros at Mosquito Squad.

Thankfully for our greater Atlanta area, Mosquito Squad offers not one – but two – professional mosquito control services.

Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment: Or as we like to refer to it, The Holy Grail of professional mosquito control services. Our primary mosquito control technique involves misting a proprietary blend that meets both local and federal regulations, targeting areas where mosquitoes feed, breed, and harbor. This proprietary mosquito mist reduces mosquitoes for up to 21 days. We can target any outdoor area where mosquitoes feed and reproduce. We suggest hiring our team to return every three weeks for optimum results.

Before misting your property, our mosquito control experts will first examine your yard’s unique layout and personalize a plan tailored to its specific parameters. Everything is inspected: areas of standing water, vegetation, log piles, tarps, toys, shady spots, and miscellaneous objects. This ensures we are killing mosquitoes where they like to breed, feed, and hang out.

As for effectiveness, our unrivaled Barrier Protection Treatment strategy kills and repels up to 90 percent of mosquitoes on contact and remains effective for up to 3 weeks after application.

Natural Mosquito Treatment Option: Our natural mosquito treatment gets rid of mosquitoes on contact and establishes a robust defense. By misting areas where mosquitoes are known to breed, hide, and feed, we can effectively disrupt their life cycle and help keep them off your property. Our natural recipe consists entirely of essential oils and has a natural fragrance that many find pleasing. The aroma significantly fades within a few hours, but it will continue to defend against mosquitoes for up to 2 weeks.

Like our Barrier Protection Treatment, our natural treatment effectively repels mosquitoes. The only difference is the frequency of recommended sprays. When it comes to our natural mosquito treatment, we recommend having our specialists re-treat your property every 14 to 21 days. This will keep your landscape protected against mosquitoes all season long.

Don’t be suckered into remedies that are unproven and totally senseless. And don’t rely on store-bought natural repellants that deliver minimal results. Choose our Mosquito Squad proven natural treatment today.

So Now You Know How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Mosquito Squad is the real deal; and we are all about how to get rid of mosquitoes. Our professional mosquito control services – combined with your vigilance of reducing standing water – is the winning ticket to get rid of them now and for weeks to come.

So let’s get started,

Help yourself get rid of mosquitoes on your property by following the 7 Ts of mosquito control. And if you’re ready to NOT have to worry about mosquitoes, call our team at 770-504-4494 today to request a free quote for Atlanta mosquito control services, or click right here.

You’ll be glad you did.

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