Itchy Mosquito Bites

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Itchy Mosquito Bites

December 20, 2023

Mosquito bites are way too common in our society when you stop to consider what these insects may be carrying. Many of the species have been linked to severe health problems. Yet many people don’t realize it because they don’t show the symptoms of the illness for several weeks after they have been bitten.

It is important to always protect yourself against mosquito bites. Wear protective clothing and repellent with DEET while you are outdoors. Not all mosquitoes only come out at night so you should be wearing it during the day as well. Mosquito repellent needs to be generously reapplied every couple of hours. (If, applying generous amounts of chemicals on your body and your children’s bodies does not interest you, please give Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids a call)

When a person gets bit by a mosquito the area swells up and it can become itchy. For some people the area around the bite also burns which makes them very uncomfortable. It is best not to itch a mosquito bite though as it can become infected. It can also result in a scar remaining in that location. You should wash the area out with soap and water. This will remove the remaining saliva from the mosquito.

Applying cortisone cream can help offer some temporary relief. For those that have several mosquito bites, a bath with some baking soda can also help to offer some relief. Some children have a hard time leaving them alone so offer them a cold ice pack to put on the area. Many people find that aloe vera can also help to sooth the area and to promote healing.

Sometimes a type of anti-histamine that can be taken orally will help the individual as well. Some people tend to swell up more than others due to mosquito bites and that can really help to reduce it. If you have inflammation from a mosquito bite that doesn’t go away in a couple of days you should see a doctor. If you get a fever you should seek medical attention immediately in case you are one of the few people that has an allergic reaction to mosquito bites.

Should you come down with an illness that resembles the flu but doesn’t go away, you could be sick due to mosquito bites. Schedule an appointment with your doctor so that they can run the appropriate tests. The earlier you get diagnosed with something that is the result of a mosquito bite the more effective the treatment will be. People have died from such illnesses as they didn’t get them treated in time or they were misdiagnosed.

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