Mosquito Season is Here

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 19, 2023

It doesn’t take much to get a colony of mosquitoes going. One female mosquito getting a blood meal — by taking a bite out of you — can in one week’s time produce 300 offspring: half male, half female.

By the second week, those 150 females can produce 45,000 more. By the third week, nearly 7 million can be buzzing around. By the fourth week, the number’s more than a billion.

Remember that week of record heat back in March? Mosquitoes were out because adult mosquitoes and eggs don’t necessarily die over the winter.

They were just those adults that woke up on a warm day. When it got cold again they went back to sleep, No matter how cold it is, there’s some amount of survival. Well, our mosquito species we have here in Michigan, the vast majority of them evolved here. They evolved to deal with our winter.

The reason for all the concern? The 30 different mosquito species that inhabit Michigan can carry disease: mainly West Nile virus and eastern equine encephalitis. Both are transmitted by mosquitoes that bite birds and then people.

West Nile symptoms start with fever, headache and stiff neck. While it is fairly prevalent, it is rarely fatal. However, serious neurological symptoms can take place in the elderly, very young or those with compromised immune symptoms.

Eastern equine encephalitis, on the other hand, starts with the same symptoms, but is rare. However, those infected have a high mortality rate, nearly 50 percent.

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