Fall Mosquitoes

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Fall Mosquitoes

December 19, 2023

Here it is the end of September and the weather this time of year is very up and down. one day its cold and fall like, the next it’s hot and summer like.

When we get those great warm fall days and evenings it’s a great time to be outside grilling, having a fire in the backyard or watching the big game on a outdoor theater screen

This is a great time of the year to spend as much time outdoors as possible, only problem is the mosquitoes are still out and are very hungry and are looking to you to help them with their hunger. Mosquito Squad can make sure your fall outdoor parties are free from this pesky little bug. Until we get a good freeze mosqutoes will still be around. That could be into November even.

Get out and enjoy Michigan’s great fall weather, and do it mosquito free with Mosquito Squad.