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Does Mosquito Squad Really Work?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

August 7, 2014

These are two questions we are asked a lot.  It’s important you know what your yard is being misted with and understand how effective it actually is.  You want a product that can be used around your family that will actually reduce the number of bug bites they receive.  You also want a product that will not harm your shrubs or flowers.

Our effective and proven barrier treatment is a synthetic form of an essential element derived from the Chrysanthemum plant.  Mosquito Squad has done the research and development to make it effective on mosquitoes and harmless to plants.  Our protection is long lasting. Because it’s encapsulated, it continues to work for up to 21 days, despite any rain your yard may receive.  Not every mosquito control company has a timed-release microencapsulated product. In fact, this is an important question to ask if a company tells you their protection will last for a couple weeks. Without encapsulation, the product will dissipate quickly and will not have the “staying power” of Mosquito Squad’s protection.

After our barrier treatment dries, which typically requires only 30 minutes, the botanical odor of the mist is nearly undetectable.  Your family and pets can begin using the yard again after that time.  For the few homeowners who smell the mist after it dries, they tell us the botanical odor is completely gone after 2 days.  There is never a harsh or chemical smell left by any of our barrier sprays.

Our traditional barrier treatment is reapplied every 3 weeks during mosquito season.  Due to mosquitoes’ ability to breed quickly, regular applications during mosquito season give your family the most protection.  This mist will eliminate 85-90% of the mosquitoes on your property.

Although female mosquitoes are responsible for all of the bites we receive, the males eat plant nectar.  The males perish after making contact with the treated foliage.  Eliminating the males reduces the opportunity for females to breed, thereby reducing the total mosquito population in your yard.  Mosquitoes are poor fliers and many will spend their one-month of life within 300 feet of where they were born.

In addition to our traditional barrier treatment, Mosquito Squad of Franklin & Framingham offers an organic barrier treatment made from various essential oils.  Over time, we have created a blend of organic oils in this mist that repel s 70-75% of the mosquitoes on your property.  Mosquitoes don’t like the green odor of this mist and simply move out of your yard for a location they like better.  Our organic barrier treatment needs to be reapplied every 2 weeks during mosquito season.

One advantage to all of our barrier sprays is that they repel not just one but two insects of most concern to homeowners, mosquitoes and ticks.  Both of these pests carry harmful diseases to you, your family and your pets.  With each barrier treatment, you are reducing your exposure to many diseases, including Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus and Heartworm.  Flies, midges and other flying insects are also eliminated or repelled by either mist.

It seems more mosquito-borne diseases are found in the US every few years.  This year the Chikungunya virus made its way to our nation from the Caribbean.  Eliminating your exposure to disease in a way that doesn’t harm your health or interrupt your lifestyle is important.  The harsh winters we experience in New England make us want to spend as much time outdoors enjoying cookouts and inviting guests over for back yard parties in the summer.  A barrier treatment not only eliminates harmful insects but also gives you peace of mind when enjoying your yard.

Now that you know how our sprays work and what’s in them, give us a call.  Whether you

use our traditional mist or our organic one, you will be able to enjoy your yard even more this summer than last. Sub:BusinessName} is the local expert in mosquito and tick control for Central Mass.  Don’t let another summer and fall go by without protecting your family against two of our most infectious outdoor insects.

Give us a call to call to sign up for your Central MA summer-long mosquito and tick protection.