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New Spa in Auburn Has Detox Treatments To Help With Lyme Disease

Posted by Mosquito Squad

September 9, 2018

Kenneth and Michele Miller know the suffering Lyme can bring entirely too well. In 2013, while getting Michele’s mother tested for Lyme, after she’d been suffering for years not knowing why Kenneth realized that he should probably be tested too. Turns out he too had Lyme disease.

This was five years ago, and he has been fighting the symptoms ever since.

His mother in law, unfortunately, finally lost her struggle against Lyme. Michele and Kenneth decided that they were going to do more to help others with their struggles against Lyme Disease. Soon after Michele’s mother died, the Millers co-founded the Central Mass Lyme Foundation, an all-volunteer nonprofit. But this was just the beginning of their quest to truly help others fight the agony that Lyme disease can cause.

Kenneth Miller Finds Detoxification and Other Holistic Tools to Ease the Pain of Lyme

When Kenneth Miller realized he had Lyme disease he began to research. He realized that he had probably been infected for a long time and even reinfected. As he continued to learn more he also found out about several types of treatments through connections made in the Foundation. They learned of people traveling to Cape Cod for detox treatments including the Biocharger, which emits waves of energy to promote stimulation and balance in the body. Unfortunately, that was the closest place for this type of Lyme treatment… until now.

The Detox Shop and Spa

For two years the Millers dreamed of opening their own spa for holistic treatment of Lyme Disease and on July 12th they did just that. Now, right in Auburn, they are making treatments such as massage therapies specifically for the lymphatic system, essential oil treatments, infrared saunas, and hydromassage and salt therapies available to the public. The Millers believe the toxins found throughout the environment exacerbate the symptoms of Lyme disease and that detoxification if one of the best ways to treat it. They are thrilled to be able to offer these services right outside of Central Mass.

Continued Protection From Ticks

Lyme disease has proven to be long lasting for some and terrible to live with. Having a spa like this within reasonable driving distance is of great benefit to those in Central Mass that suffer from it. However, at Mosquito Squad of Franklin & Framingham, we continue to emphasize the need to protect from the ticks that carry Lyme to avoid having to ever deal with the after effects. Our services can eliminate the vectors that cause Lyme and wouldn’t you rather that be the only fight you have to fight? Call us today and let us explain exactly what we can do to protect your family from ticks that carry Lyme.