Learn More About our Granular Treatment for Flea Control

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Learn More About our Granular Treatment for Flea Control

Do you know that irritating insects typically appear in cycles throughout the year? Those who have pets should be especially vigilant in the early fall, as this is peak flea season. Mosquito Squad of El Paso provides preventative flea control to help shield your family from fleas and other parasites that thrive in your grass. Getting a granular treatment for your yard will help reduce fleas, ticks, gnats, and other biting insects on your property.

Begin Preventative Flea Control Immediately

Although fleas are commonly associated with problems for pet owners, they can and will bite humans too. The tiny pests' primary source of nutrition is blood, so they prey on any animal with a warm body that they can bite. Cats and dogs can pick up fleas from the outdoors and bring them inside on their fur, where they like to settle into furniture and carpets. Mosquito Squad of El Paso provides preventative flea control to assist you in keeping these pests out of your house.

Mosquito Squad's Granular Treatment helps alleviate itching for you and your loved ones this peak flea season. You can have dependable protection from these pests by having our granular treatment applied to your yard twice a year, in the early Spring and early Fall. This method of treatment will not only reduce the number of fleas around your yard, but it will also lessen the possibility that fleas may spread parasites like tapeworms to your family members.

Mosquito Squad's Granular Treatment: One Treatment for Numerous Pests

Granular Treatment from Mosquito Squad of El Paso is not just for fleas. To protect yourself from gnats, fleas, ticks, and other pests, add an effective granular treatment to your Spring and Fall preparations. Avoid giving these pests the upper hand by having the talented Mosquito Squad team treat your yard while providing their Traditional Mosquito Control barrier.

In order to get the finest long-term benefits, you should treat your property before the peak insect season begins. You can help prevent unwanted guests from entering your home and head off any population booms around your yard. Be the first to act and keep the pests far away from your property.

Use Preventive Tick Control to Keep Your Family SafeWomen Spraying Bug Spray in a Forest

Ticks are not only disgusting parasites, but they also spread diseases that can be harmful to people and pets. Preventative tick control is the easiest way to keep your family and pets safe. To lessen your vulnerability to tick bites, dress in layers and use insect repellents containing DEET, though this is a costly and annoying way to keep yourself safe.

Mosquito Squad of El Paso is here to help you with tick prevention. To protect your home and yard from these parasites, you should use the 6 C's of Tick Control immediately. Not only will these tips help to reduce their population around your home, but you'll know key places to watch out for that are favored by ticks.

The 6 C's of Tick Control are:

  1. Clear Out tree and lawn debris. Make sure that playgrounds, decks, and patios are all cleaned. Ticks hate the sun.
  2. Clean leaf litter and keep your grass short.
  3. Choose Plants that deter deer and wildlife. Create physical barriers to stop them from entering your yard.
  4. Check Hiding Places such as fences, brick walls, or retaining walls.
  5. Care for Family Pets with tick control to protect them.
  6. Call the Pros like Mosquito Squad of El Paso.

For additional protection, get our granular treatment and tick tube systems to provide active protection against ticks on your property. We can assist you in coming up with a strategy that will allow you and your loved ones to spend more time in your beloved yard.

Are you ready to prepare ahead of time for flea and tick season? Mosquito Squad of El Paso can get you started with our Granular Treatment to reduce the chances of your yard being overtaken by those little pests. Contact us online or Call us today at (915) 800-0343 for all your flea and tick control needs.