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Do You Know the Top 3 Things to Do when Removing Ticks and The Top 3 Things Not to Do?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

April 7, 2014

Central Mass residents should know the Do’s and Don’ts of safe tick removal.  Removing the tick and all of its parts is important in preventing transmission of tick-borne illnesses.  Improper removal will leave parts behind increasing the risk of infection.  If possible, prior to removing a tick, use alcohol to disinfect the area.

For Central MA residents here are the 3 most important tips for proper tick removal.

Top 3 Tips for safe tick removal

  1. Use pointed tip tweezers.  Pointed tweezers allows you to remove the tick at 90 degrees and clearly see your grasp of the tick and its parts.
  2. Grasp the tick close to the skin.  Ticks dig deep into the skin during the time they are attached.  Being close to the skin, you can be more certain you have the head as well as the mouth-parts of the tick.
  3. Pull upwards with a slow, steady motion.  Jerking the tick off skin allow parts of it to be left behind.

Top 3 Tips to NOT TO DO for safe tick removal

  1. Do not burn: Do not use a match, cigarette or any hot object to burn the tick off the skin.  
  2. Do not smother the tick using Vaseline or twist it off the skin.
  3. Do not try to poison the tick, or make it release, with alcohol, nail polish or other substances.

Performing any of the Don’t tips while removing ticks will often result in leaving tick parts on or under the skin.  If parts are left, leave them.  Don’t break the skin and increase the risk of infection.  Be sure and treat the skin again with alcohol or another antiseptic, especially if parts are left.

Remember, slow and steady pressure up using pointed tweezers is your best chance at removing all the tick parts and preventing infection.  Don’t hurry when using these tips.  No matter how “icky” removing the tick feels, you want all the parts removed.  Ask for help if you’re not sure you can do it.

Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford & Cambridge is dedicated to keeping the residents of Central Mass safe from ticks.  Our effective barrier treatment program will eliminate ticks on your property.  Preventing ticks and tick bites is our focus.  We work at eliminating ticks.  We hope our customers will never have to perform these top 3 tips on tick removal.