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Acton Tick Control, Because Ticks Don’t Leave at the End of Summer

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 19, 2023

Now that summer is approaching its end, do you feel more inclined to go outdoors without fear of insects? This is an assumption that many people make around this time of year, but it is a common mistake to assume the approach of fall means there’s less reason to look out for creatures like ticks. Yes, these creatures thrive during warmer months, but a little-known fact is that ticks can survive, and even thrive, during the fall! While it might seem like fall signals the end of biting insects, ticks can remain active in our backyards, parks, and other natural areas until temperatures near freezing. Ticks are incredibly hardy arachnids, capable of living for a few years and through difficult conditions, but this comes at a price that we must bear. Ticks are very unsanitary, going from victim to victim as they feed on blood, and this means they become significant disease vectors.

Acton tick control is important in the fight against tick-borne disease

As you probably know already, Lyme disease is a huge problem in our region, and ticks are responsible for infecting over 300,000 people with the disease every year. Such a number is hard to comprehend, and experts are reeling at the potential for even more infections in future years. Lyme disease is dangerous. While the infection is typically resolved with a routine round of antibiotics, Lyme disease is difficult to diagnose in the first place. The easiest way to identify a Lyme disease infection is the presence of a target-shaped rash around the bite site, but this symptom isn’t always present. Headaches, fevers, fatigue, and other symptoms also accompany Lyme disease, but little distinguishes these symptoms from those of a virus your child could pick up at school. So, an abundance of caution always helps when dealing with the potential of a tick bite. Make sure to consult professionals for tick control.

Who to turn to for Acton tick control

At Mosquito Squad, we have worked for nearly 20 years to ensure our customers are defended against ticks and the various diseases they can carry. Using our barrier protection spray, applied by our highly trained technicians, we can guarantee a dramatic and pronounced reduction in the tick population on your property. Our treatments last for up to 21 days, so reapplications every two to three weeks will keep you defended through summer and fall.

Ticks are here to stay into the fall. To defend against them, look to the experts at Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford & Cambridge for Acton tick control. Give us a call at (978) 381-4028.