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Lyme Vaccine News: Round 1 of Clinical Trials Proves Successful, Phase 2 to Begin

Posted by Mosquito Squad

June 4, 2018

The idea of a Lyme vaccine in the works is great news! As summer begins and we are reminded that ticks are out, we know that Lyme is especially present and dangerous here in Central Massachusetts. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be vaccinated and done with the whole thing? Good news! It’s getting closer.

A Human Lyme Vaccine in Process

In the fall we reported on a French company called Valneva who introduced a Lyme vaccine called VLA15 into trials in 2016 after being cleared to test by the FDA.

Each year approximately 300,000 Americans and 85,000 Europeans develop Lyme disease. Lyme causes serious health issues that can last long term and it is the fastest growing vector-borne infectious disease in the United States.

With no present vaccine in place, Valneva created one that targets the proteins in the bacteria. Phase 1 of the vaccine’s testing took place in 2 locations, 1 in the US and 1 in Europe. Now phase 1 is complete and Valneva is gearing up for phase 2 Lyme vaccine trials. This too will be done in the US and Europe, in areas of high Lyme concentration. This part of the trial is planned to begin in the second half of 2018. Along with the rollout of new test subjects, some existing ones will receive a booster to see how they react to it and if it is necessary.

The chance that a vaccine for Lyme disease is in our not so distant future creates great hope. Imagine the time and funding that could be spent on other needs here in Massachusetts if Lyme weren’t an epidemic. At Mosquito Squad of Central Mass and the North Shore, we are looking forward to that day and yet we remind you it’s not here yet. We still have ticks and Lyme disease cases at crazy levels and you’ve got to protect yourselves.

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