Are Mosquitoes Bad in Short Pump, VA?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 19, 2023

With summer weather on the horizon, we can once again look forward to days and evenings spent outside in the warmth we can only savor this time of year. However, you need to ask the same question again this season: Will my outdoor living experience be endangered by mosquitoes this year? Mosquitoes in their whining, ravenous hunger for blood meals are simply intolerable when they begin to reproduce in vast numbers, and for many, it probably seems like there isn’t anything to defend against these insects. There are great mosquito control methods around, and they are more important than ever. We’ve already had a taste of the warmth we’ll see when peak summer arrives, and these are the kinds of conditions that mosquitoes thrive in. Our region is excellent breeding grounds for mosquitoes due to the summer heat we are subjected to each season, as well as the moisture we get from summer storms. This isn’t just an issue for our region, though. Climate changes have begun to have tangible effects across the nation, warming temperatures and allowing mosquitoes to emerge earlier and depart later. Such patterns are problematic for a few reasons. Firstly, our outdoor living plans are probably going head-to-head with mosquitoes in every circumstance, which is a huge mood killer. Few creatures can match the incredibly annoying behavior of mosquitoes, and we must deal with these insects all the time. Furthermore, a longer, hotter mosquito season could mean we will see an uptick in mosquito-borne diseases in VA and the rest of the country. So, not only are mosquitoes a serious annoyance, but they are also dangerous!

This season you can expect that mosquitoes will be bad in Short Pump. You can probably expect that the mosquito season will be even worse in most summers going forward. This is a sobering thought but try not to worry too much. Mosquitoes might seem like an insurmountable obstacle, yet there are a lot of highly reliable mosquito control methods on the market. While you can try to implement some mosquito control yourself, the best way to defend against mosquitoes on your property is with professional help.

Who to trust for Short Pump mosquito control

There is little question about who can defend you best against mosquitoes. Mosquito Squad has been in the business for nearly 20 years, and we are still going strong. We offer comprehensive mosquito control treatments with the help of our barrier protection spray. Our treatments are also available in a natural mosquito control formula. When applied to the border of your yard and on mosquito breeding grounds, our treatments guarantee a reduction in the mosquito population in your yard by up to 90%. Lasting for up to three weeks, our treatments only require occasional reapplications. We care about your outdoor living experience, and we are here to defend you against the mosquitoes that threaten your health and happiness.

The mosquito season in Short Pump is likely to be bad, but don’t worry too much. Mosquito Squad of Central VA provides Short Pump mosquito control you can rely on all summer long. Give us a call at (804) 409-4746.