The Best Mosquito Control for Your Yard

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 19, 2023

All along the east coast, spring has finally indicated that its return is nigh, and we are here for it. After the long march of winter, April truly signifies that we have turned a corner, but not all is well in the outdoors. As great as the warm weather is, we aren’t the only organisms that thrive in the warmth. Indeed, with warm weather comes the promise of bugs in abundance, and while not all are bad, some can pose a real threat to your outdoor living activities in the months ahead. By this point, you’ve probably guessed what creature we’re talking about. That’s right, mosquitoes are once again emerging from their eggs, so now is the time to prepare before they get a foothold in your yard.

Mosquitoes are uniquely challenging creatures to keep out of yards. Not only are they incredibly numerous, but they are also tiny and can fly; all factors that make them very difficult to control. Furthermore, they are probably reproducing in the habitat they can find in your yard! What does mosquito habitat look like, though? The primary thing to be aware of to reduce mosquitoes on your property is the presence of standing water. To reproduce, mosquitoes will lay their eggs in everything from lakes to tiny leaves that have collected water after a spring rain. Shaking out your yard’s foliage is a great way to discourage mosquitoes from breeding there. Further, mosquitoes will shelter in damp, wet areas of your yard like yard waste piles, clogged gutters, and others. As effective as this method can be, there are always mosquitoes traveling from property to property to replace the mosquitoes you remove. With this troublesome fact in mind, trust the experts with your mosquito control this spring, summer, and fall.

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Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your time outdoors this summer. We’ve waited so long and so patiently for warm weather to return, and mosquitoes never got an invite to invade your yard. To defend yourself against these insects, their bites, and mosquito-borne diseases, Mosquito Squad has your back. Since 2005, we’ve defended our neighbors from mosquitoes and ticks to create ideal outdoor living environments, and we’re still going strong. With the help of our barrier protection treatment, which is also available in our customer-favorite natural mosquito control formula, you are guaranteed to see up to a 90% reduction in the mosquito population in your yard. The best mosquito control is delivered by professionals. With nearly twenty years of experience, Mosquito Squad of Central Virginia is your trusted source for mosquito defense. Give us a call at (804) 409-2710.