Some of Our Favorite Local Restaurants With Outdoor Patios!

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 19, 2023

Perhaps none of us realized how special going out to eat really was until now.

In the midst of this COVID-19 social distancing protocols in Central Illinois, we aren’t allowed to dine-in at restaurants and while we can order takeout from some of our favorite restaurants, it’s just not the same as sitting down with complimentary chips and salsa, being seated at a table for the whole family, ordering a dessert, or even asking to be seated on the patio on a warm night.

Friends enjoying the outdoors

We are an outdoors-y family, so even when we go out to eat, we enjoy sitting as a family on the patio. Unfortunately, we can’t dine-in to eat at our favorite restaurants, we figured we would share with you some of our favorite local restaurants with outdoor patios!

Springfield, IL has so many great outdoor dining restaurants, but Papa Franks in Springfield off Wabash Avenue is a locally-owned Italian restaurant with an outdoor patio beautifully lit with outdoor lighting. Plus, Papa Franks treats their patio area so you won’t be bothered by the bugs!

A photo of the Blue deck tavernThe Blue Duck Barbecue Tavern in Peoria on Southwest Water Street is a great place for good food and good beer! The spacious outdoor patio allows for a calm and quaint atmosphere. Visit their website for gift card information and plan an evening out this summer in Peoria once we can!

Decatur is home to many outdoor eating areas, but our family has enjoyed Kreckel’s! Kreckel’s West is located off of Oakland Avenue in Decatur and is a family-owned burger chain that’s perfect for a nostalgic family dinner night! One of the best parts for the kids, ice cream for dessert!

We know this information seems trivial right now, but hopefully here soon we will all be out and about enjoying dine-in restaurants happy and healthy soon!

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