Mosquito & Tick Control

  • You certainly have a lot of facts and statistics on your website. Where did you get them all?

    As mosquito and tick control professionals, we stay current on rules, regulations, and facts regarding insect life, diseases and control. The information on this website has been gathered from our professional experience and from credible sources, such as state agricultural and health departments like the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health. However, much of the science on vector-borne disease and pest management is continually developing. There are contradictions from source to source and even within sources. We have made every effort to present what we believe to be the most current, most widely accepted facts, but keep in mind that things change faster than we can update, and conflicting scientific opinions exist.

  • Besides professional mosquito control treatments are there steps I can take to protect my family from mosquitoes and ticks?

    Yes! You can learn about them on our mosquito and tick pages, as well as at the Centers for Disease Control.

  • Should I rely on the information in this site to determine if I have a vector-borne disease?

    Definitely not. We do not purport to be a medical authority, nor do we claim to have complete lists of symptoms, diagnostic data or treatment information. You should contact a health care professional immediately if you suspect a vector-borne disease.

  • Do mosquito plants really work?

    Plants that mosquitoes dislike, such as citronella, are sold as an effective way to naturally repel mosquitoes from your yard. While the oils from this plant and others like it may help, they are not the most effective solution for protecting your entire yard.

  • Can ticks survive in water?

    Yes. Even though ticks can’t swim, they can survive a prolonged amount of time underwater. Some reports have even estimated that deer ticks can spend up to two to three days underwater!

  • Where do mosquitoes lay eggs?

    Standing water is the most common place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. So, anywhere that collects water can become a mosquito breeding ground. This includes pools, buckets, dog dishes, tarps, and even puddles. Keeping your home and yard free of any standing water is the best way to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs near your home.

  • Do mosquito foggers work?

    The short answer is yes, mosquito foggers do work. However, these devices are only a temporary solution to keeping mosquitoes at bay. The best foggers can work for up to three days at a time, but our team offers treatments that work for up to three weeks at a time.

  • Do mayflies eat mosquitoes?

    They don’t eat mosquitoes, but they might be useful for mosquito control in another way! Though they don’t look like mosquitoes, they breed in the same areas as them, which is why people (and animals) often confuse these insects for mosquitoes. These winged bugs do not bite or sting humans, but they are an important source of food for creatures that eat mosquitoes.

  • Do bug zappers work on mosquitoes?

    Bug zappers are popular for the spectacle whenever a bug flies into them. While they may seem audibly effective, they don’t work as much on mosquitoes. Studies have shown that mosquitoes account for only about 4.1 to 6.4 percent of bugs killed each day by zappers. In some instances, these zappers are more effective at killing bugs that actually prey on mosquitoes. Importantly, it’s only female mosquitoes that bite humans. One study found that only 0.13 percent of insects killed by zappers were female mosquitoes. So, these devices are minimally effective and might even kill beneficial mosquito predators!

  • How far do mosquitoes fly?

    Many people hope that they might be out of the range of mosquitoes if they don’t live directly next to water. Unfortunately, these winged pests can fly from one to three miles. Some species of mosquitoes in the Midwest might fly up to seven miles. Saltmarsh mosquitoes have been known to fly up to 100 miles during migration! In short, almost no home is safe from the presence of mosquitoes.

  • Can I get the natural treatment as a barrier spray?

    Yes, but since it is a repellent, it must be applied every 14 days to remain most effective. You should see a reduction of 80-85% of the mosquitoes and ticks on your property.

  • Will the smell of the natural spray repel me?

    You’ll be able to smell a non-intrusive botanical fragrance after the application that will dissipate soon after.

  • Does the natural spray kill mosquitoes and ticks?

    Our natural product is a proprietary blend of plant-based oils that act primarily as a repellent. When applied, our natural product eliminates pests on contact and then effectively works to repel pests away from your property.

  • Will Mosquito Squad kill all the mosquitoes and ticks on my property?

    No service can offer 100% protection from every mosquito and tick. As you can imagine, a mosquito from a neighboring property can wander into your yard and bite you before landing on the treated foliage. However, you’ll find that the presence of mosquitoes and ticks is enormously reduced. If you don’t see a reduction in mosquitoes and ticks, you can get a respray based on our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Additional Services

  • Can I just get a one-time treatment for a special outdoor party?

    Yes. We have special event spraying available for everything from a small birthday party to a huge wedding reception. Special event treatments are provided prior to your event and will remain effective even if it rains.

  • Does Mosquito Squad service commercial accounts?

    Definitely! We service restaurants with outdoor seating, parks, recreational facilities, and many other outdoor spaces. We are happy to serve businesses, organizations, municipalities and government agencies. Learn more on our Commercial Services page.

  • Does Mosquito Squad provide any other treatments besides the sprays?

    Yes. Recommended treatment will depend on the needs of you particular property. You may need a larvacide, tick tubes, or other preventive measures. Your Mosquito Squad representative will make specific recommendations. (Please note that different states have different rules regarding treatment and licensing, so it is impossible to provide specific answers via this worldwide website.)

Service Coordination

  • Do I need to be home for the treatments?

    No. And we’ll leave a notice so you know we completed the service you asked for.

  • Will I know when Mosquito Squad is coming?

    Yes. We alert you at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled treatment. That gives you plenty of time to reschedule if it is not convenient.

  • Who refills my automatic misting system? *

    You can contract our Mosquito Squad technicians to service your automatic misting system. You never need to lift a finger!

    *Misting systems are not available in New York.

Consultations & Estimates

  • Does it cost me anything to meet with a Mosquito Squad professional?

    No! You can arrange for a free consultation and estimate with absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

Dread Skeeter

  • Dread Skeeter is kind of cute. Is he based on a real person?

    Dread Skeeter is not based on any single person. He is a representation of the passion we have for protecting our neighbors from the dangers and annoyance of disease-carrying, blood-sucking bugs.