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Tick & Mosquito Control in Berkshire County

Trusted Mosquito Treatments in Pittsfield & All of BerkShire County

Do you find yourself covered in bug repellent or spending less time outdoors because of mosquito bites? It doesn’t have to be this way! Mosquito Squad of Berkshire County is ready to provide the mosquito control that you need to take control of your Pittsfield yard! Mosquitoes do more than bite—they also carry dangerous diseases that your family should be protected from. Mosquito Squad’s ® customized treatments last for up to three weeks and will help you get through mosquito season free of bites!

Mosquito Squad invented the Protective Barrier Treatment in 2005 and has been a leader in the industry ever since. We’ve helped over 300,000 families and businesses repel bloodsucking pests. We offer comprehensive plans that are designed to provide continuous protection all season long. If you are having a special event, our mosquito and tick control experts in Pittsfield, Huntingdon, Lee, Stockbridge, Cheshire, Great Barrington, and throughout Berkshire County also offer one-time sprays that protect your guests. Our sprays leave no residue and will not be noticeable to anyone who visits your home or attends your outdoor event.

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About Mosquito Squad of Berkshire County

Say Good Riddance to Mosquitoes. Expert Mosquito & Tick Control in Pittsfield & throughout Berkshire County.

Our trained and licensed technicians believe that the only good mosquito is a dead one. When we arrive at your house, we will create a custom solution designed to get results for your specific property. Our Pittsfield tick and mosquito control technicians will identify the problem, eliminate its source, and then spray a protective barrier around your home that prevents more unwanted creatures from entering your yard. Each spray lasts for up to 21 days. When it is time for a new spray, we can return on a regular schedule so that you do not need to worry about mosquitoes all season. From Stockbridge to Clarksburg, Lenox to Great Barrington, our team is here to help you fight the bite!


Our Pittsfield mosquito control technicians only spray where they need to and use ingredients that are registered with the EPA. We know that your loved ones use your yard. After we spray, your family and pets may return to enjoying the outdoors after just 30 minutes. We are so confident in our methods that we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with the results of your spray, we will return at no extra cost to make it right.