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How Do I Tick Proof My Yard?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 19, 2023

Throughout your time living in the Northeast, you’ve probably become aware of the region’s association with ticks. Over the past decades, tick populations have reached staggering numbers because of habitat restoration, shifting food sources, and warming climate conditions. Although ticks lie dormant in the winter, they are leaving their hideouts earlier than ever due to warmer springs, and they are going away later due to unseasonably warm falls and winters. To the unsuspecting, ticks probably don’t seem like a significant issue, but such an attitude is a mistake.

Ticks can latch onto their victims for up to 10 days to have their fill of blood, and they can transmit dangerous diseases in the process. Lyme disease, for example, is reaching unprecedented levels in the U.S. as tick populations burgeon in their comfortable habitat. Indeed, conditions have become so favorable for ticks that they can often be found in backyards throughout New Jersey. With this threat lurking in areas we wouldn’t normally consider dangerous, tick control has never been so important. Your safety depends on it. There are a suspected 300,000 cases of Lyme disease in the U.S. every year, but Lyme disease isn’t the only pathogen ticks can spread. Babesiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and others are other tick-borne diseases, and they can have serious health consequences. There are a few ways to make your yard less attractive to ticks; the most potent being professionally applied tick control.

Will cedar chips keep ticks away?

While professional tick control is the only surefire way to defend against ticks, there are tick control measures you can enact yourself. Clearing leaf litter, yard waste, and other moist, dark habitat is a great starting point. Cedar chips are also a great way to discourage ticks from living on your property. Cedar naturally repels ticks and other insects, so this natural solution can create a valuable defensive perimeter around your yard and other areas within your property. For example, if you have an enclosure for your pets or other domesticated animals, cedar chips can provide some defense against ticks latching onto your furry friends.

Cedar chips are a great tick control measure, but they don’t provide the defense you get with professional services. At Mosquito Squad, we’ve been a tick control industry leader for nearly 20 years. With a proud reputation for powerful tick control and satisfied customers, we are here to provide you with defense that amateurs simply can’t. Our barrier protection mist, which can last for weeks at a time, is extremely effective in tandem with the knowledge and skills of our highly trained technicians. There are a few ways you can implement tick control, but the most effective tick control is with professional services. For all your tick control needs, look to Mosquito Squad of Bergen and Passaic. Give us a call at (609) 735-6057.