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What Common Pests Should You Avoid?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 19, 2023

Although humans reign supreme atop the evolutionary ladder, we are not invulnerable. Despite our technological advances and ability to problem solve, millions of us fall victim to nature’s unrelenting presence. Humans are the biggest threat to other humans, but we need to stay aware of other threats around us, including dangerous diseases and the organisms that transmit them. When you imagine the creatures that are most likely to damage your health, what do you envision? Most of our imaginations veer towards sharks, bears, deer, snakes, and other large animals as potential culprits for a dangerous encounter, but the answer is more obvious and more common than you might think! Next to humans, bugs are far and away the biggest culprit of human deaths globally. Many of these insects, despite their image as mere nuisances in North America and elsewhere, hide insidious secrets.

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So, which insects should you be concerned about? There are a few throughout time that have caused some of the greatest catastrophes in human history. Locusts are one of these. Since ancient times, locusts have been known to strip the land of vegetation and nutrients, leaving entire societies to starve. As you might already know, such an event is even described in the bible!

Another insect with a nasty reputation is the flea. Although this tiny creature is rarely seen on humans, its bite can really pack a punch. Back in the 1300s, rats infected with the black plague were a favorite meal of fleas, which subsequently went on to bite humans who weren’t living in the most sanitary conditions. This period, known as the Black Death, spanned around 5 years and was responsible for the deaths of somewhere between 25 – 200 million people. To put this number into perspective, 200 million people was around 40 percent of the global population at the time. Fleas can pass the black plague onto victims to this day!

Of the dangerous pests you face daily, however, ticks and mosquitoes are probably the most common. In our warming climate, mosquito and tick-borne diseases are becoming more common. Lyme disease, Babesiosis, Tularemia, and others are often passed along by ticks, and each can have devastating consequences on your health and life. Lyme disease is especially prevalent and is often found in tick samples. Mosquitoes, on another hand, can spread West-Nile virus, Zika virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), and others that can be life threatening. EEE, for example, has a roughly 30% mortality rate.

Clearly, these creatures shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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