Ramsey Tick Treatment: Humans Weren’t the First to do it

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 19, 2023

Over millennia, humans have attempted to separate themselves from the natural processes that used to restrain their prosperity. In modern times, much of what has made us so successful is our ability to limit our exposure to dangerous situations and organisms. Diseases of all kinds still waltz across our population landscapes, leaving destruction behind, and such threats explain why we try to avoid disease vectors like ticks and mosquitoes. These creatures are known to spread deadly bacteria to humans, so we’ve developed pesticides and other mechanisms to remove them from our environments. However, did you know that we aren’t the first animals to implement a form of tick control?

Ticks are a favorite food of the opossum. If you’re thinking of the cat-size, rat-looking creature you occasionally catch rifling through trash cans, you’ve thought correctly! While many people might see opossums as pests, they are nature’s own disease control. Lyme-disease carrying ticks are an absolute delicacy to these marsupials, and opossums have enjoyed ticks for around 70 million years. You heard that right. Opossums are one of the oldest living species on the planet, and they deserve your respect! Not only are they a relic of times when dinosaurs roamed the earth, they are also experts at removing tick populations from your yard. Opossums are often found crawling around in underbrush, but they rarely need to hunt for food in the summer. An opossum’s fluffy hair is perfect for ticks to latch onto, and the opossum effectively picks up meals on the go in this fashion. So, leave them be (as long as they’re not in your trash) and let them get to work! An opossum will eat roughly 5,000 ticks every season – not bad for free tick control.

Powerful Ramsey Tick Treatment

As nice as it would be for opossums to do all the work for us, tick populations are rapidly growing as climate change alters our natural environment. Warmer winters have allowed ticks to strengthen their ranks and extend their traditional range northward from their southern strongholds. Without protective measures, ticks pose a serious threat to the health of those they bite, but there are solutions available.

Mosquito Squad was one of the first companies to ever specialize in tick control, and our services have only become more effective over time. We offer a couple different Ramsey tick treatment options, including our border protection sprays, which are proven to dramatically reduce the tick population on your property for weeks at a time. Our original formula treatment is most effective, but our naturalalternative treatment also provides industry-leading defense. In either case, you are in safe hands. We understand the growing threat that tick-borne diseases pose to the health of you and your family, and we’re here to help ease your mind.

Secure your property and your health from ticks. For Ramsey tick treatments, look no further than Mosquito Squad of Bergen & Passaic County – give us a call at (609) 735-6057.