About Mosquito Squad of Westchester and Rockland County

Tick & Mosquito Control Services in westchester & rockland County

Our Westchester and Rockland County mosquito control experts provide our customers with a safe haven from the mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs that make our lives worse. By spraying their backyards with our proprietary formulas and application methods, we kill 85-90% of pests and keep the yard bug-free for up to 21 days. Our customers trust us because we do exactly what we promise and back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our treatments include:

  • An EPA-registered, highly-effective synthetic formula
  • An all-natural formula made from essential oils
  • A one-time spray to make special events bug-free
  • Seasonal and year-long packages for uninterrupted protection

Whatever you choose, our highly trained technicians will be there on time, in uniform, and with a clearly-branded vehicle to meet your needs. We proudly serve Westchester and Rockland Counties and the surrounding areas. Our commitment is to both fantastic results and amazing customer experiences, so call us for a free estimate today!

Give our mosquito and tick treatment specialists a call at (914) 353-4921 or contact us online today.