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Mosquito Squad offers best-in-class South Salem tick control and mosquito control services

Located in the Town of Lewisboro, New York, South Salem is a community with a rich history. South Salem was once the home of legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. Meanwhile, there are lots of great places to visit in South Salem today. Of course, if you live or work in South Salem, you may be forced to deal with ticks and mosquitoes at times. But, with help from Mosquito Squad of Northern Westchester, Putnam & Dutchess County, you can keep ticks and mosquitoes at bay. 

Mosquito Squad offers South Salem, NY tick control and South Salem, NY mosquito control services that our rivals struggle to match. Our South Salem tick and mosquito control services are delivered with precision and care. We get to the root of your tick and mosquito problem. Next, we help you reduce the tick and mosquito population on your property. And, we work with you to limit the number of ticks and mosquitoes on your property moving forward. 

What South Salem, NY tick control and South Salem, NY mosquito control services do we offer?

We are a South Salem tick and mosquito control company that has earned many positive reviews from our customers. Our tick and mosquito control technicians commit the time, energy, and resources necessary to deliver our pest control services properly. Plus, we work with you to ensure that we fulfill your tick and mosquito control request as expected. 

Our team is happy to answer any tick control and mosquito control questions you have. If you are unsure about tick or mosquito control in South Salem, NY, we can help you out. With our guidance, you'll have no trouble choosing the ideal tick and mosquito control services for your property. 

Along with these things, we back our tick and mosquito control services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our team stands behind every pest control application we complete. If you are not fully satisfied with our pest control treatment, let us know, and we'll do what we can to make things right.  

What South Salem, NY tick control and South Salem, NY mosquito control services do we offer?

Our natural mosquito treatment option is a popular choice, since it delivers immediate results and won't harm your property. This treatment is made entirely out of essential oils and emits a pleasant aroma. We apply the treatment on any areas of your property where mosquitoes are present. The treatment reduces the mosquito population by up to 90% and provides results that last about two weeks. 

We offer multiple tick control treatment options. Our team can spray a natural mist that kills ticks on contact. For comprehensive tick control in South Salem, we recommend our tube treatment service. With this service, we place biodegradable tubes filled with insecticide-soaked cotton around your property. Mice will pick up the cotton from these tubes and bring it to their nests. Any ticks that latch onto these mice will die when they're exposed to this cotton as well. 

If you're planning an outdoor event but don't want to deal with ticks or mosquitoes crashing it, we can assist. We offer special event sprays to address ticks in South Salem and mosquitoes in South Salem. Before your event, we'll go to your property and apply our spray. This allows you to instantly get rid of ticks and mosquitoes before your special event gets underway. 

We are happy to serve members of the South Salem, NY community

At Mosquito Squad, we are doing our part to stop malaria deaths in Africa. We have a partnership in place with Malaria No More, a nonprofit committed to this cause. Our partnership to date has resulted in over $450,000 raised to help those in Africa affected by malaria. 

We communicate and collaborate with the Westchester Department of Public Health on a regular basis. Our team works with this department to find ways to help local residents combat ticks and mosquitoes. Also, we support department initiatives designed to teach people about tick and mosquito dangers. 

Mosquito Squad continues to spread the word nationally about tick and mosquito dangers, too. We publish videos on our YouTube channel to teach people about various tick- and mosquito-related topics. Furthermore, we promote the 7 T's of mosquito control, 6 C's of tick control, and other tips and tricks that people can use to fight off insects now and in the future. 

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If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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