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Who We Are: Mosquito Squad of West Michigan Lakeshore Serving Allegan, Michigan

Whatever you desire in a small city, Allegan has it all and then some. It is autonomous on the administrative side, and that's understandable as who wouldn't feel like they can take care of the self in this small but efficient town. Talk about five-star dining, and some of the finest restaurants will pop up right here in this quaint town. Do you know what else will pop up? Mosquitoes!

Fortunately, the Mosquito Squad of West Michigan Lakeshore is always prepared to protect the residents and visitors alike from the many staged events there. We also keep them protected at home like we've been doing for many years. Whether our natural or traditional methods, you get a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We cankeep pests away for 14, 21, and 30 days depending on the treatment you choose or that is more beneficial to your current need. We've been around for fifteen years, so we know the ins and outs of pests and how to get rid of them so you can dine in fine style, study, or play hard; whatever keeps you happy makes us happy.

Mosquito Control in Allegan, Michigan

Nobody likes mosquitoes, especially when it's time to have fun outside, but there is an invasion. Worse yet, they choose the worst parts of your body to bite, especially if you're attired in muscle shirts or short shorts. Worse yet, they might comecarrying all sorts of disease, and if you heard recently on the news about any mosquito-borne illness, it makes things worse.

Not to worry, the Mosquito Squad of West Michigan certified and licensed technicians are nearby and ready to treat those sources and mist repellant across the barriers of your home to keep mosquitoes away. Our products are improved every year to meet the changing health risks due to new diseases ever emerging.

Tick Control in Allegan, Michigan

You can come across a number of ticks on yourself or your pet when your home has a tick infestation.A tick can bind itself to you, your relatives, or your pet since it requires blood to thrive.

Ticks are easy to travel around the body. However, they prefer wet, moist areas. They're usually located in the underarms, genitals, or on the scalp. The tick digs down its head deep into your skin once it finds a proper position. While the bite isn't as painful as most other insect bites, it can be deadly.

After being in an environment where ticks are known to be present, you should still search your body — as well as your children's and pets' — for ticks. Make a point of looking for any brown or black spots. If your family members contract a tick-borne disease, you can have a tick infestation in your house. However, please don't wait for it to get there. Let the Mosquito Squad of West Michigan Lakeshore rid your property of these pests. We'll determine if a barrier treatment will be sufficient or if you need tick tubes that are used to entice nice, which ultimately poison the tick when they bite the mice.

NaturalMosquito Control Allegan, Michigan


While our natural treatment doesn't last as long as the traditional ones, they are still very effective and last up to fourteen days. Our natural Barrier Protection treatment is made up of essential oils and carries a very light smell more on the botanical side. You don't have to worry about it affecting your sense of smell, especially since it dissipates after a few hours.

One of the best things about natural treatment is that you can head back outdoors within half an hour of the drying process. This procedure is not suitable for all situations as some may require a more rigid approach.

Why Mosquito Squad of West Michigan Lakeshore

Because we keep up with the times, what worked in the 80s and 90s won't necessarily work now, and we want to ensure that you are well protected. Because we are constantly doing research, we're able to offer you a 100%satisfaction guarantee like we provided hundreds of thousands of clients before you. Don't take chances with your health and your life as a whole.

For competent tick and mosquito control, contact us at (616) 426-6776 or visit us online today via our contact form so we can get your yard rid of pests and ready for enjoyment.


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