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Too many summer evenings in West Michigan are spoiled by hordes of blood-sucking mosquitoes. With its namesake water body, the Grand River, and plenty of other prime skeeter habitat ready at hand, Spring Lake sees its fair share of these annoying insects, not to mention ticks and other pests.

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Fortunately, there’s a readymade solution: the robust and reliable services of your go-to Spring Lake mosquito control company, Mosquito Squad of West Michigan Lakeshore! Taking advantage of our traditional and all-natural mosquito protection options as well as our other pest treatments, you’re tapping into incredible expertise and game-changing technology. We’re a leader in the field: Mosquito Squad has been around since 2005, and now works in 36 states as well as internationally.

Mosquito Control in Spring Lake, Michigan

You want to enjoy your Spring Lake yard during the spring, summer, and early fall: That’s the season for cookouts, lazy afternoons in the hammocks or lawn chair, al fresco dinners on the patio—well, you get the picture. You’re also likely to be spending some quality time out there mowing, weeding, and gardening. Mosquitoes can put a damper on all of these activities in short order.

Skeeters drive us nuts with their whiny hovering and (of course) their infuriatingly itchy bites, but they also pose a legitimate health risk. Mosquitoes can transmit a variety of potentially harmful diseases, including West Nile Virus, Zika, La Crosse Encephalitis, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis, which has a fatality rate among those sickened by it of up to 33%.

Get a handle on mosquitoes at your property with expert help from Mosquito Squad of West Michigan Lakeshore, serving Spring Lake, Michigan. Our advanced (and widely imitated) Barrier Protection Treatment has helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners and families since its development, and you can be the latest recipient of its incredibly effective mosquito abatement.

This EPA-registered knockdown formula can reduce mosquito prevalence by up to 85 to 90 percent for three weeks at a time, with season-long skeeter control possible by respraying at the recommended intervals.

We apply our Barrier Protection Treatment with sensitivity to flowering plants that attract important pollinators. It’s an option for dog-friendly mosquito control in Spring Lake, too: Pets (and the rest of the household, for that matter) can use the yard in as little as a half-hour after spraying.

Tick Control in Spring Lake, Michigan

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It’s not only mosquitoes that can cause grief for Spring Lake-area residents. Those small, hard-to-spot arachnids called ticks also abound here, especially in brushy, overgrown, and wooded habitats.

Ticks can afflict both humans and pets, and they’re often incredibly difficult to locate on your body (or amid your dog’s fur). Like mosquitoes, ticks can give you more than just the heebie-jeebies: There are a number of dangerous tick-borne illnesses out there, most notably Lyme disease—often treatable if diagnosed early on, but if allowed to progress a potentially lifelong health condition.

Here again, Mosquito Squad of West Michigan Lakeshore, serving Spring Lake, Michigan, comes to the rescue! Our Barrier Protection Treatment also works against ticks, and we also offer a separate tick-tube treatment that can provide additional protection.

All-Natural Mosquito Control in Spring Lake, Michigan

For those who’d prefer an all-natural mosquito treatment, we’re happy to oblige here at Mosquito Squad of West Michigan Lakeshore. Besides our traditional chemical-based Barrier Protection Treatment, we offer an all-natural mosquito protection formula made with essential oils. It works to eliminate mosquitoes on contact as well as to provide a repellant effect for up to two weeks after application.

Why Mosquito Squad of West Michigan Lakeshore?

You can’t beat the experience and groundbreaking pest-control treatments we offer here at Mosquito Squad of West Michigan Lakeshore, serving Spring Lake, Michigan. We’re so confident in our services that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you’re not seeing the results you want after 21 days, we’ll reapply at no additional charge to you.

Don’t let mosquitoes, ticks, stink bugs, and other pests prevent you from enjoying your West Michigan property. Get in touch with Mosquito Squad of West Michigan Lakeshore at (616) 426-6776, or via our online contact form here at the website!

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