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Crane Flies, Not Mosquitoes

The crane fly is sometimes called the  “mosquito hawk” or “mosquito lion.”  Despite this ferocious name, it does not actually eat mosquitoes.

Crane flies look similar to very large mosquitoes.  Because of the resemblance, they have developed a reputation of being a harmful pest.  

They are more of a nuisance, but they do not bite, sting, or feed on people and animals.  They occasionally feed on nectar.  They are anatomically incapable of killing or consuming other insects.  Occasionally, its larvae will feed on mosquito larvae. Crane fly larvae mostly feed on roots of crops, turf grasses, and seedling field crops.

In an article posted in Interesting Insects, the Crane Flies, not mosquitoes are described as being a sign that spring is nearly upon us.  So, watch for the crane fly…it’s a sign that Spring will be returning.

Reminder:  As the cold weather arrives, check your property for standing water.  Mosquitoes will lay their eggs in anything as small as a cap full of water.  Also, keep an eye..Ticks remain active throughout the Winter…

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