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Warm Weather Mosquitoes


We enjoy the warm weather as it arrives... but we aren't the only ones. Mosquitoes love warm weather. As temperatures in Wisconsin rise, so do populations of these biting and stinging pests. The number of people getting diseases by mosquito, tick, and flea bites has tripled in recent years across the United States. The New York Times shared an article on how the Center for Disease Control emphasizes the importance of protection against these viruses spread each year.

The cold blooded mosquito thrives in warmer weather. As our temperatures rise, so does their activity. We are made aware of their presence through an itchy bite!

Although mosquito activity has decreased during the cold months, they have had strategies which have kept them alive. Many mosquitoes laid their eggs in water which then froze. The eggs can survive once warmer weather arrives. The larvae will then have an opportunity to hatch therefore increasing mosquito populations once again.

Fight the Bite against the mosquito invasion this season. Don't allow these pests to ruin another nice day outside.

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