How Can Mosquito Squad Rescue Your Barn?

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

You might think that mosquitoes might stop where your lawn stops, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. If you have fields, outbuildings, or even a barn, you’re all too familiar with just how invasive mosquitoes can be—and so are any animals you might have. Especially if you’re a livestock owner, you know that mosquitoes don’t discriminate and that they’ll go after horses, cows, pigs, goats, humans, and any other warm-blooded creature that happens to be in the line of fire. This means that if you have a farm or even just a few larger animals—you’ve just created a prime target for mosquito activity.

If you have large animals, here are the places mosquitoes are likely to hide, and the ways that you can stop them.

Stock tanks are a mosquito’s dream come true

Large animals need water to drink, so standing water in areas where horses or cows are out to pasture is non-negotiable, but that can also provide an unfortunate amount of opportunity for mosquitoes to lay eggs. In order to offset this, make sure the water in every tank stays as fresh as possible.

Large animals are very attractive to mosquitoes

Your livestock themselves are the main attraction for mosquitoes, so covering as much of their bodies as possible is another way that you can protect them. Fly masks, sheets, leg covers, and more—you name it, it’s on the market. These can be covered with fly and mosquito repellent as well. However, many animals do not like these items, and will object when you try to put them on or try to rub them off themselves. There are sprays you can buy to spray directly on your animals—but again, many animals, especially horses, may object strongly to these items.

Trees and unmown grass give mosquitoes cover

Make sure that all the green areas around your barn are taken care of as well. Consider spraying the lower limbs of shade trees, where mosquitoes like to hang out and trim lower branches when you can. Make sure all grass stays trimmed and neat since adult mosquitoes rest in weeds and tall grass. Also, if all your greenery is short, there are fewer places for water to collect and host mosquito eggs.

A barn environment can be easy pickin' for mosquitoes

If nothing else, make sure that your barn environment is as discouraging as possible for any pesky visitors. Make sure to install fans, as smaller bugs often have a hard time in strong air currents. Screens can also help but can be impractical if you have a large number of animals that need to go in and out regularly.

It’s vital to keep your animals safe from mosquitoes, as many animals will not eat properly if bothered by these pesky creatures. Cows and goats can become underweight and produce less milk, while horses can become bad-tempered and unruly. If you’re concerned about mosquitoes bothering your livestock, or even just your adventurous dogs and cats, Mosquito Squad of Victoria is ready to roll. We can install a spray system in your barn to keep your animals pest-free. So don’t hesitate: call us today!