Why Do Mosquitoes Like Hot Weather and Warmer Climates?

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

Mosquitoes can be bothersome across the U. S. at certain times of the year. But, when it comes to the South, we are inundated with them for much longer. Mosquitoes love warm weather, particularly humid, climates that combine heat and moisture are their playgrounds. Tropical climates or those that mimic tropical climates are most popular. What is it about these muggy places that draw mosquitoes to them?

Mosquitoes are Cold-Blooded

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded creatures and as such, their body temperature is more prone to the effects of the temperature around them. Cold-blooded animals do not do well in colder temperatures but thrive in warmer ones. This is why you see other cold-blooded animals in hot climates like snakes in Texas and lizards that live in deserts. Unfortunately, being cold-blooded in the south means that the temperatures may never get low enough to rid you of these pests. The weather just doesn’t get cold enough, especially in extreme southern areas, like south Texas. It’s best practice to protect your home, business or events early in the season and often.

Mosquitoes Breed Better in Hot Climates

Hot, wet climates are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Coastal areas, especially warm ones are certain to see large numbers of mosquitoes each year. Rain is more likely in these areas, which can cause standing water in yards and other areas. Check any water that should be flowing, like in fountains, creeks, and other water features to ensure they are not creating a stagnant breeding space for bothersome buzzers. Make certain that water is not collecting in old tires, flowerpots or other items that may be laying about in your yard to help keep your space from becoming a mosquito incubator.

One sure-fire way to get rid of these pesky mosquitoes is to call Mosquito Squad of Victoria earlier in the season and keep your treatment plan going through the season. We serve Victoria and the surrounding communities, contact us to see if we service your location.