Dealing with a Mosquito Outbreak? These 5 Tips Will Help

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we are seeing a huge mosquito outbreak across South Texas. As everyone continues to clean up and rebuild, it is important not to forget to do a survey of your property to keep yourself and your family safe. More mosquitoes with West Nile are being found in Texas and the last thing any of us wants to deal with on top of everything else is a serious illness.

Make sure that you rid your yard of standing water and be aware of where water gathers so you can be ready when more rain moves into the area.

Take note of the 5 T’s to help make your mosquito inspection efforts worthwhile:

1. Tip

Tip over any item or container that could gather water. From empty planters to wheelbarrows and even other random elements that a small pool could gather in like toys left out in the yard. It only takes a small amount of water to breed a lot of mosquitoes.

2. Toss

Toss grass clippings, leaves, wood and other debris that may be piling up, especially after clean-up. Ticks love to hide in places like this and it could be hiding more water that mosquitoes rely on to breed.


Turn over any items that collect when they are not in use like a children’s swimming pool or other items similar to this. Ensure that they are not sitting with water in them for long periods of time without being turned and/or cleaned. This goes for items like water bowls for pets and bird baths as well.

4. Tarp

Since tarps are meant to keep water off of your stuff, you may not think of them as something that could actually cause issues with standing water, but often they start to sag a bit or they are not posted so that water runs off, but collects on top of them. This works to the advantage of mosquitoes in that it’s something that is forgotten about often. Make sure to check this as well.

5. Treat

Treat your property with our barrier spray to ensure that you have nothing to worry about from other yards that may not have done their own walk-through. Enjoy your yard this fall as the weather cools off enough to spend time with friends and family outdoors.

Mosquito season doesn’t end when fall starts in Texas. This year, with the arrival of Harvey, this is particularly true. With the heavy rains, flooding and debris, there are so many more places for the mosquitoes to breed and take over. We have been looking at a much higher than normal mosquito population due to the storms and hurricanes across the U.S. Don’t get caught without protection just because summer is over. Contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria us today to start your mosquito control plan by calling us or by visiting our website today!