Who Do Mosquitoes Bite Most?

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

Mosquitoes…they are some of the most aggravating creatures. They show up in Texas during the hottest part of the year when you’re annoyed with the heat and then here comes that familiar buzzing. Then there’s the biting. You’re certain you get bitten more than most of your friends leaving you asking, why do mosquitoes like me more than everyone else? Asked and answered…

Do Mosquitoes Like a Certain Blood Type?

So, you may be wondering, do mosquitoes prefer a certain blood type over others? A controlled study from 2004 suggests that they prefer Type O to Type A by a close to 2 to 1 margin and Type B more than Type A blood. This may or may not be a strong factor, but there are plenty of other reasons mosquitoes prefer some more than others.

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Mosquitoes Are Really into Acid

Mosquitoes really like people with excess acids in their skin. Uric acid, in particular, is attractive to mosquitoes. Their sense of smell is extraordinary, with the ability to smell a human target from about 50 meters away.

Carbon Dioxide is a Huge Factor in Mosquito Attraction

Mosquitoes can smell carbon dioxide on the breath of someone with higher amounts than normal. This is not good news for larger people, but great news for kids who don’t have other influencing factors against them. Pregnant women are at a higher risk too, as they produce more than the average amount of CO2.

Skin Bacteria is Attractive to Mosquitoes

The microbes on our skin are attractive to different mosquitoes depending on the smell they give off. In this same vein, different mosquitoes prefer different body parts like feet or armpits. There is evidence that some animals use their scent to repel mosquitoes and other insects. If only we could bottle that! Though, then we might have a totally different problem on our hands.

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Other Reasons Mosquitoes Bite Some People More than Others

Physical activity can contribute to mosquito attractiveness, mostly a concern if you’re outdoors. Motion attracts mosquitoes as does lactic acid and carbon dioxide from heavy breathing. Steroids or cholesterol (from people who metabolize cholesterol at a higher rate) on the surface of the skin can also attract mosquitoes.

While there may not be much you can do about your chemical make-up or your blood type, there is plenty you can do about your mosquito control! Call Mosquito Squad today and forget the cans of spray this summer! Relax in your yard or pool without that sticky mess they leave behind. Schedule a spraying schedule or misting system installation! Call us today and start enjoying your yard again today!