Keep Your Summer Events Mosquito Free!

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

Mosquitoes are having a field day right now with the recent rain and rising temperatures, the conditions are ideal for a mosquito population explosion. Spring and summer are the best time of year for mosquitoes, and it’s also the best time of year for outdoor entertaining. The two together can add up to catastrophe! Don’t let that happen to you! Find a way to keep your celebrations with family and friends mosquito free and fun!

Mosquito Free Backyard Barbecues

Some of us look forward to summer all year long for one reason and one reason only. Barbecue season! It’s time to get the brisket, ribs, sausage and even burgers and dogs out on that grill. There’s enough to deal with when you’re cooking in South Texas outdoors between the heat from the sun, and from the pit. No one wants to deal with mosquitoes too. Who wants to have to spray themselves over and over again all day long? It’s easy enough to cool down with a cold beverage and a dip in the pool.

What if we told you it was easy to get rid of those pesky blood-suckers too, and even avoid the nasty spray that you end up sweating off anyway? Mosquito Misting Systems are ideal for your outdoor entertaining spaces. No muss, no fuss and maintenance from professionals too? Sign me up!

Wedding Without Pests

Are you hosting a wedding on your property or have you decided on outdoor nuptials? Mosquitoes love attending these affairs just as much as your family and friends will. You don’t want any uninvited guests at your special day. Forget handing out cans of smelly repellent as wedding favors. Plan ahead to eliminate mosquitoes from the festivities.

If you are hosting then getting a spray a few days before the ceremony will help ensure everyone has a great time and rather than being eaten alive. Don’t worry if it’s a large space, we’ve got it covered. If you’ve got a venue ready, make sure they are working with the best to eliminate pesky mosquitoes, flying bugs, and ticks. Give them our number if you need to make sure they’ve got someone you can trust for your big day!

Outdoor Venue Mosquito Control

When you’re responsible for other people’s happiest celebrations you want them to go well. Rather than spending tons of money on cans of spray and leaving everyone feeling like a sticky, smelly mess, try something different. You don’t want guests complaining about mosquito bites or having to douse themselves in spray that will certainly end up in their eyes, on their clothes or in their food. If you have a pool on the premises or outdoor furniture, you don’t want to deal with the residue left behind either.

Consider Mosquito Misting Systems for patio areas and scheduled sprays for your large spaces. Summer is your time to make a great impression so you can keep them coming back for years to come. Make sure the memories they’re making don’t include biting pests.

Mosquito Squad serves residential and venue spaces in Victoria and across South Texas to the coast. Contact us for your mosquito control needs and let us help you enjoy summer the way it’s meant to be! Call us today and start enjoying your yard again today!