Will Texas Hurricane Season Bring More Mosquitoes?

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

In the sweltering Texas summer, you can find plenty of sun and high temperatures. This also means you will very likely run into those pesky mosquitoes, too. If the buzzing isn’t enough to annoy you, the biting and itching will in no time if you’re not prepared. During this time, high temperatures won’t be all that invites mosquitoes to your yard and home because there’s a higher risk for hurricanes and tropical storms to form and consequently, hit the Texas coast and neighboring areas.

Why do mosquitoes seem more apparent during hurricane season?

Hurricane season in Texas creates an attractive combination for mosquitoes: rain, moisture and warm temperatures. Humidity may be dreadful for humans, but mosquitoes feel most comfortable in these conditions. Because such unpredictable weather lies within most of the hurricane season, your home should be prepared for anything from a light shower to mild flooding. This increased chance for rain from hurricanes and tropical storms create more opportunities for water to sit around your home. Since standing water attracts and often becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, it’s best to be proactive and eradicate the opportunities for water to collect around your yard.

How can I prepare my home for rainy weather and prevent mosquitoes?

The only thing that is certain during hurricane season is that you should be prepared for any situation. The best way to do this is to eliminate the potential for mosquitoes to linger in your yard. You can do this by turning over any empty pots, removing excess grass and firewood clippings, taking down tarps that can hold water, taking care of your home maintenance, and treating your yard for mosquitoes. The professionals at Mosquito Squad of Victoria can help treat your home for those pesky mosquitoes.

Prepare your home before rain occurs by making a mosquito-prevention checklist and following through. Walk the perimeter of your yard and note the places where rain water can collect and attract the biting bugs. This way, you can eliminate the possibility of forgetting about the potential problem areas.

You can also invest in a mosquito misting system, a service the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Victoria offer year ‘round. Keep the biting bugs at bay with mosquito prevention staying in your backyard all the time.Check out our page for special offers on misting systems or treatment plans!

What should I do after rain or a storm?

Sometimes, even if you prepare your home to the fullest to keep mosquitoes away, a major storm or lots of rainfall can still impact areas on your property you can’t fully prepare for. After the rain, be sure and properly clean out your gutters and drains to ensure water isn’t collected and sitting there. Then, continue basic home maintenance like maintaining your yard by keeping the grass cut short and trimming overgrown plants and bushes.

Another way to maintain your home and prevent mosquitoes is by calling Mosquito Squad of Victoria for our highly-effective barrier spray application. We can remove up to 90% of the mosquitoes on your property and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! In rain or shine, the mosquito population is here to stay as long as the temperatures are warm. In Texas, that means mosquitoes will be camped out for at least a few more months. Protect your home for the peak summer season, especially with the increased chance for storms to brew.

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