Mosquito Season is in Full Swing, Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

As schools are back in session, it would seem that summer is at its end. Although summer break may be ending and fall is waiting just around the corner, the temperature reminds us that mosquito season is still in full-swing.

In Texas, the August and September months can still bring hot days and balmy nights. These hotter days may keep mosquitoes out of the sun. Like us, mosquitoes can’t stand the heat, so you’ll likely find them lingering in the shade and/or near sources of standing water. By evening time on hot days, their thirst drastically increases. Mosquitoes become more active during the cooler time of the day, which is when families tend to spend more time outside.

From July to September, there’s an increased chance for tropical storms and hurricanes to form in the Gulf and hit the coastal and inland areas of Texas. High temperatures plus a blanket of moisture create heavy humidity, an enticing combination for mosquitoes. So, don’t buy into the myth that mosquitoes are gone when summer ends, they aren’t gone just yet. Don’t let your guard down during this crucial time and follow our tips to keep them away.

Tips to Keep Mosquitoes Away:

Remove standing water around your home

Remember to turn over any containers with standing water and remove any tarps that can collect water around your home. Empty bird baths and fountains if they’re not being used. When standing water is left in open areas around your home, it can become the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Walk the perimeter of your home so you don’t miss any spots and don’t forget about the shaded areas that can provide mosquitoes relief from the heat.

Keep up with home maintenance

Hot temperatures and humidity entice all of us to stay inside with the air conditioning during this time, so it’s important you don’t let your yard overgrow. With the chance for increased rain, it’s important to keep your yard trimmed to prevent overgrowth, which attracts mosquitoes. Cut back any bushes during this time to prevent mosquitoes from making your yard their new home.

Clean your gutters

We all tend to put off far-from-fun chores like cleaning the gutters, but leaving them to collect water and debris from the trees only provides a safe place for mosquitoes to gather. Don’t skip a gutter-cleaning, especially after it rains.

Have your home and yard treated by Mosquito Squad of Victoria

Utilize Mosquito Squad of Victoria’s Barrier Spray protection program around the home and yard. Using a barrier treatment reduces the need for spraying DEET-containing bug spray on your children. We can eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes on a property and effectively create a barrier around your yard which mosquitoes are less likely to cross. You can also invest in a mosquito misting system, which takes care of spraying your yard and keeps you and your family safe from the biting bugs.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria us today to start your mosquito control plan by calling us or by visiting our website today!