With Zika in the U.S., Texas Health Officials Are Concerned

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

Just last Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the first possible domestically transmitted cases of the Zika virus within the continental United States. The infections occurred within 4 people in and around the Miami, FL area; this includes four men and one woman. The assumed vector is thought to be theĀ Aedes aegypti mosquito. Unfortunately, this particular mosquito is quite prevalent in our area as well as other areas around East Texas. Needless to say, the transmissions within Florida have Texas health officials concerned.

While concerns are valid, Texas health officials also warn against overreacting. One official stated, “It’s coming. It’s probably not avoidable but we have much better control methods in the United States”. The expectation is there will only be isolated cases in the U.S., but the worry comes from the simple fact that 90% of those infected with the Zika virus show no symptoms. This makes it more difficult for people to self-report infection due to the fact they don’t know they are infected. When a mosquito bites them and then travels to another person for a blood meal and bites them, the propensity for further transmission is rapidly increased.

The only known method of protection against Zika is through distancing yourself from mosquitoes. Essentially, prevention is the only option. If your yard is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, you need to fix that. Remember to turn over buckets, kid’s toys, tarps and any other item within your yard which could be allowing water to pool. Mosquitoes need very little water in order to successfully lay eggs and have them hatch into fully matured mosquitoes. The other, extremely important thing to do is have your yard sprayed by a professionally licensed mosquito control company. Fortunately, Mosquito Squad of Victoria can do the job. We can reduce your yard’s mosquito population by up to 90% and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.