New Report Hints That Fall Will Increase the Number of West Nile Virus Cases

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

When you think of fall you don’t normally think of an increased and more aggressive mosquito population. You’re probably thinking of football, cooler days and nights, and Halloween. But a recent news article suggests that not only will we be facing a more aggressive mosquito population this fall, but we way see an increase in the number of West Nile virus cases.

While you may have gotten into your comfort zone outdoors and are not worrying about being bitten by annoying, flying insects, we may be in for the worst part of the mosquito season here in Victoria. According to the article by KEYE TV, “We’re really just heading into our peak West Nile season now,” said Zettel Nalen. With forecasts for a rainy October, we may very well see high mosquito levels all throughout fall.

Just as logic would dictate, the more mosquitoes that are out and biting people, the more likely it is that some of those mosquitoes are infected with West Nile virus. Keep your yard free from these potentially disease carrying pests. Mosquito Squad of Victoria can make certain your yard is not a breeding ground, nor an open cafeteria for them to feed upon you, your family or your pets. Don’t forget, not only can you and your family members be infected with diseases by mosquitoes, but so too can your pets. In fact, the most common way your dog or cat is infected with potentially lethal heartworms is by the bite of a mosquito. Call the professionals to let you take your yard back.