Warm Weather & Rain Means More Mosquitoes in Victoria, TX

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

In many of the yards we treat, there are numerous cans of mosquito repellent, citronella candles lining the entirety of the yard, and still plenty of mosquitoes. Simply put, these bug spray cans and citronella candles are not enough to handle the enormous mosquito population here in Victoria. If these methods actually did prevent mosquitoes from entering your yard, we wouldn’t be on the scene due to the homeowners getting eaten alive.

With West Nile virus season upon us it’s extremely important to reduce your contact with mosquitoes. While this is important, this would mean you would have to stay indoors during peak mosquito activity times. Who wants to do that? With a barrier spray application, your yard will be mosquito free all hours of the day and you can enjoy your yard whenever you wish.¬†Mosquito Squad of Victoria¬†has the proprietary solution that stops mosquitoes from being able to operate in your yard, unlike certain big brand bug sprays and citronella candles.

Even when it rains, our encapsulated, time-released solution will keep its effectiveness and ensure your yard isn’t a mosquito breeding and biting haven. With all the football parties and cookouts this fall, make sure you and your guests aren’t on the dinner menu. Our barrier spray can provide you with at least 3 weeks of mosquito protection. And, if you really want to own your yard and keep the mosquitoes out all of the time, we even offer a mosquito misting system that you can manually operate from your smartphone.