Peak Mosquito Season Is Upon Us in Victoria, Texas

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

All the conditions are perfect for mosquito populations to continue to surge. Here in Victoria we have a humid and hot climate; our mosquito season can run from April all the way until the end of October. With the recent rain and high temperatures, mosquitoes are not only surviving but thriving.

Would you like to enjoy your backyard during these spring and summer months without being eaten alive? Would you simply like to sit on your porch after work to unwind without the constant buzzing of these bloodsucking pests? Mosquito Squad of Victoria can rid your yards of mosquitoes all season long. Our season long spray packages allow for you to not worry about calling us because your mosquito problem is back. With our season long protection, we will come to your home every 21 days and spray your yard. You don’t need to be home, and will only notice that there are no mosquitoes to be found.

Mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they are known to carry diseases that affect both humans and pets. While everyone has probably heard of the Caribbean Chikungunya virus, they may not have heard that it is now being passed onto humans by local mosquitoes. Pets are susceptible to heartworms from mosquito bites. These are both long term, debilitating illnesses that can be prevented by reducing the number of mosquitoes you are exposed to. Do both you and your pets a favor: call us to make sure you can enjoy your own yard and not be held hostage indoors by tiny biting insects. Call (361) 808-4329 or contact us online today.