Now That Monsoon Has Passed, Prepare for Record Mosquito Populations

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

Finally, the monsoon that was overtaking Texas seems to have moved on. The end of rain is being celebrated by everyone, especially the mosquito eggs laying in wait to hatch. With all the recent rain and standing water throughout our area, an explosion in the mosquito population is inevitable. The conditions are absolutely perfect for their eggs to hatch, by the hundreds of millions. Mosquito Squad of Victoria can keep you and your family mosquito free this summer so you can actually enjoy your own yard without being eaten alive.

Mosquitoes are quite crafty when it comes to laying their eggs. They have been around for millions of years for a reason, after all. Not only will these biting bloodsuckers lay their eggs in places where water is abundant, but they will also lay eggs in areas where water may get to their eggs and allow for them to hatch. For instance, a mosquito may lay its eggs on the upper side of a river or stream. Then those same eggs can lay their dormant for up to 7 years. Once a large enough amount of precipitation allows for the river or stream to rise to levels where the eggs are, they too will hatch. Mosquitoes appear to have a backup plan; their ability to survive is uncanny.

With mosquitoes being able to survive dry spouts relatively easy, this recent amount of rainfall has made mosquito breeding and hatching conditions absolutely perfect. With the coming swarm of these bloodsucking pests, we recommend leaving mosquito control in Victoria TX to the professionals. We will evaluate your yard for the areas most likely to facilitate mosquito breeding and eliminate them. Then we will apply our barrier spray. Once we have sprayed your yard, any mosquito that lands in your yard will never bite another person or animal again.

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