Top Breeders Consider Mistaway® a Must-Have for Pest Protection

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

A mosquito control misting system designed to keep horses safe from mosquitoes 24/7.Whether you’re a horse breeder, or have a deer pen for breeding large trophy bucks, Mistaway® can keep your prized animals safe from disease carrying flies, mosquitoes, ticks and even ants. Being an automated system, Mistaway® can maintain a constant boundary of pest protection for your horses and deer.

Deer pens are an important part of our economy in Victoria. These breeding pens are a large source of revenue for many people and they cannot risk losing their prized breeding deer to diseases such as the fatally hemorrhagic virus EHD and Blue Tongue. The Mistaway® mist cycle usually lasts approximately 60-90 seconds and creates a blanket of protection throughout deer pens that is harmless to the deer themselves, but will immediately remove insects attracted to them.

No matter how large or small your equestrian center or deer pen is, Mistaway® is completely capable of providing unmatched protection from annoying and potentially disease carrying pests. The automated system allows for you not to need someone to come out to your property and perform a spray. It also allows for you to have total control over your system via an app for your smartphone or tablet. Through the iMistaway app, you can set misting times and, if the pest activity is higher than usual, you can perform a manual spray simply by pressing a button on your smartphone or tablet.

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