Mistaway® Mosquito Misting Systems Keep Yards Bite- & Sting-Free

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

As you prepare for your Labor Day weekend, is your yard going to be a free-for-all for the local mosquitoes? Are you and your guests going to be exposed to hundreds of mosquitoes that are finally coming back out due to the recent cool down here in Victoria TX? An excellent way of keeping your yard free of stinging and bloodsucking pests is by way of a mosquito misting system by Mistaway®. The recent upgrades in mosquito misting system technology has taken mosquito control in Victoria TX to a whole other level.

The great thing about a Mistaway®mosquito misting system is its compactness, and its ability to ensure your yard is completely free of biting and bloodsucking pests. You can set your sprays extremely easily to be performed at set times, and you can keep the system off if you’re not using it. Want to activate the system and begin a spray while watching the football game? All you have to have is a smartphone or tablet and you can just utilize the iMistaway app to activate your mosquito misting system. Truly, this is a case where technology really makes life easier.

The other great things about the Mistaway® mosquito misting system are its built-in capabilities. The system itself will send us notifications alerting us, Mosquito Squad of Victoria, if there are any issues with the system. The system will alert us if there are any leaks, or if your misting solution is running low. For you, it is a “set it and forget it” type system. You won’t have to be concerned about having people show up to your property to perform sprays, and you don’t have to worry about calling if the mosquito activity has gone back up considerably since your last mosquito misting. You can easily activate a manual spray by the misting system to take care of any mosquitoes that suddenly pop up in your backyard.