The Key to Maintaining a Mosquito Free Yard All Season Long

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

Controlling the mosquito population in Victoria, Texas is a little different than in most other sections of the U.S. Our humid, rainy, and near tropical climate makes Victoria an ideal area for mosquito breeding and in turn, a large mosquito population that can be sustained. Mosquito eggs can lay around for years, and then hatch. People always assume mosquito season to be when they start getting bitten by these bloodsucking pests. In Victoria, that’s not the case. Several factors come into play as to what decides when mosquito season ends and/or begins. The best way to keep your yard mosquito free is to begin Mosquito Squad’s barrier spray early in the year. An early start to mosquito control is absolutely key. A late start (beginning the barrier spray applications after heavy mosquito activity is readily visible) can result in it being more difficult to curb the mosquito population on your property.

The immediate signs that mosquito season has begun are the obvious annoying bites. But this could be only relative to determining the months in which us humans begin to spend more time outdoors. Mosquitoes will take a blood meal from any place they can find it, humans just happen to get bitten once the warmer weather arrives and outdoor events such as BBQ’s occur. In Victoria we have a relatively mild winter, so mild in fact it could be considered a long autumn. This means it never actually gets cold enough to kill mosquitoes, and in some instances people are bitten in the middle of December. It is very important to remember that just because you’re not getting eaten alive, it could be due to the fact you are outdoors less than you would be in the May through September range.

Mosquito Squad of Victoria¬†is fully prepared to make sure your yard is something you can enjoy all season long. We recommend getting a head start on combating the size of the mosquito population by applying our barrier spray in the early months (e.g. early April). By the beginning of May mosquito activity usually makes a huge uptick and with people starting to come outdoors more, they become blood meals. Do not forget that the annoying and itching bites can also be a transmission of vector borne illnesses such as West Nile virus or the new Chikungunya in humans, or even transmitting heartworms to your pets. By getting your yard sprayed later in the season, the more difficult it is to beat back the already established mosquito population. Victoria mosquito control is a process, one that needs to be fully understood and the necessary measures taken. By applying our mosquito barrier spray early in the year, we can eliminate larvae that may be just on the verge of becoming full-grown blood sucking adults. Don’t be tardy to ridding your yard of mosquitoes. For any questions regarding Victoria mosquito control and how to protect your yard, contact us online or give us a call at¬†(361) 808-4329. Let us help you take your yard back!