How Victoria TX Mosquito Control May Protect Your Family & Pets from Vector-Borne Illnesses

Author: Mosquito Squad of Victoria

Victoria, Texas is known for its hot and humid summers. It appears mosquitoes must have heard about this, especially the Asian tiger mosquito. The new arrival of chikungunya has been more of a traveler’s concern, until last week when two people in Florida contracted the illness without ever leaving Florida. This means that mosquitoes are now transmitting the disease in the continental U.S. With Florida having a similar climate to Victoria Texas, the results here could become similar also regarding disease transmission (chikungunya).

Victoria mosquito control professionals standing in front of a Mosquito Squad truck.West Nile virus and chikungunya cases have both been documented in Texas already. While the chikungunya virus was not contracted here in the U.S., the Asian tiger mosquito and Yellow Fever mosquito are both able to transmit the virus. All it takes is for the infected human to be bitten by a mosquito, then that mosquito bites another person, and we will have local Chikungunya transmissions. Currently, West Nile virus is a much larger concern in our area, but that soon could change. One interesting fact most people don’t know is that Asian tiger mosquitoes can transmit heartworms to their pets. When it comes to mosquitoes and the illnesses they carry, it’s always best to have a professional company take care of your yard’s mosquito control. Our barrier spray has a 90% effectiveness rate accompanied by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Thousands of people across the country have benefited from Mosquito Squad’s services, it’s something you too should give a try.

Victoria TX mosquito control is not limited to companies like Mosquito Squad of Victoria. It takes a public which is well informed on the steps that need to be taken to limit the amount of breeding areas for mosquitoes. This ultimately brings us back to the “5 T’s”. These measures are all simple methods of ridding your yard of mosquito breeding areas. The Asian tiger mosquito can lay hundreds of eggs in a bottle cap, now calculate how many eggs there are in that birdbath in your yard, or that bucket of water too. To fully protect you, your family, and your pets, a protective barrier spray is the ultimate method of ensuring your yard is safe. To find out how Mosquito Squad of Victoria can rid your yard of disease carrying pests, give us a call at (361) 808-4329 or contact us online.