Riverhead Mosquito Barrier Treatment 

Mosquito Barrier Protection in Riverhead 

Have mosquitoes ever ruined a lovely evening trying to bite you and your family? Are you tired of the pesky bloodsuckers threatening to infect you with a life-threatening disease? If so, Mosquito Squad of the Hamptons is your solution. We take mosquito control services seriously. 

Mosquitoes carry life-threatening diseases. A mosquito bite can also result in itchiness, skin irritation, and even infections due to excessive scratching and transmitted bacteria. Our technicians will find the source of your mosquito or tick problem and eliminate it with top-of-the-line, proprietary products. 

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Mosquito Barrier Protection for your Backyard

Whether we like it or not, mosquitoes return in certain climates like clockwork every summer. Our job is to mitigate their population and keep them away from your home, family, and pets. Our Mosquito Barrier Treatments work for up to 3 weeks and kill 90% of mosquitoes on contact. 

There are many reasons people can’t stand mosquitoes:

  • They can be deadly – Mosquitoes are statistically the deadliest animal on the planes. They spread malaria and other diseases when sucking blood. 
  • They multiply quickly – Culex mosquitoes (the species endemic to North America) have a lifespan of 6-7 days. They mature, breed, and multiply quickly. 
  • They transmit illnesses – There are many horror stories about mosquitoes carrying parasites and bacteria. 

What Attracts Mosquitoes to your Yard 

We will adjust our mosquito treatment solutions to protect your family and keep blood-sucking insects invading your yard. 

We realize mosquitoes are attracted to: 

  • Standing or stagnant water
  • Clogged or blocked gutters that create water buildup
  • Nesting areas like debris and old tree stumps
  • Containers that can collect water

Our team is ready to inspect your property, pinpoint mosquito hotspots, and devise a strategic plan to eliminate these annoying bugs. 

Personalized Mosquito Barrier Plan of Action 

There are many downsides to treating mosquito problems by yourself. A DIY approach will likely miss breeding and dwelling hideouts or rely on insufficient techniques and supplies. Our knowledgeable and experienced Riverhead team is ready to customize their mosquito control treatment to optimize results.

Give us a call if you are tired of ineffective store-bought repellents. Our qualified and licensed mosquito control technicians eradicate mosquitoes and ticks on contact! We utilize a proprietary treatment approved by the EPA to form an effective mosquito and tick control barrier around each property. 

See Our Mosquito and Tick Barrier Protection Service Reviews 

We’re committed to protecting our customers’ health and well-being. We remain attentive to specific requests and provide satisfaction guarantees. If you are unsatisfied with any service, give us a call within 21 days of the service, and we will rectify the situation cost-free. 

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Our mosquito barrier treatments repel pests for up to 3 weeks after application. Reach out to our Riverhead team at (631) 832-4856 to learn how we can assist you!



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