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Summer Showers Are Better with Mamaroneck Mosquito Control

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Summer Showers Are Better with Mamaroneck Mosquito Control

December 20, 2023

Plans are abundant this summer as the weather warms and outdoor parties beg to be had. Special events, especially, are something to look forward to now that the weather has switched from its winter gloom. In particular, baby showers, bridal showers, backyard parties, and birthday parties are things to savor this season. Planning for these kinds of events is essential for everyone’s enjoyment, so what do you need to consider to ensure your party is one to remember? There are many moving parts with special events, and some move more than others. The most mobile, and problematic, moving parts to worry about are the mosquitoes that frequent your yard or special event area. Despite our goal to enjoy the outdoors without interruption or irritation, mosquitoes are incredibly good at finding the best way to ruin our time outside. From delivering painful bites to leaving itchy, swollen marks, mosquitoes are simply the worst guest you can allow into your event. Further, bites aren’t the only worry about mosquitoes.

Why Mamaroneck mosquito control is essential for your event

These insects, despite their tiny size, can also cause life-changing illnesses like West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), and others. While relatively rare, each of these illnesses can be devastating. EEE, for example, has a mortality rate of roughly 30%, so we are fortunate that there aren’t a ton of cases. Just imagine, you’ve spent hours, if not days, preparing for your special event, only to discover later that mosquitoes were lying in wait for your guests, ruining the ambiance and the outdoor living experience. Nothing spoils the fun like a mosquito, which is why preventative measures are necessary. Big box stores like to talk about miracle mosquito protection devices, but these do little to address the underlying cause of your mosquito problem. Professional mosquito control, however, is a genuine solution to your mosquito issues.

The best Mamaroneck mosquito control around

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve defended customers against mosquitoes since 2005, when the mosquito control industry was just getting started. With the help of our highly trained technicians and our barrier protection spray, we can guarantee up to a 90% reduction in the mosquito population on your property. Also, we offer special event mosquito spray, which we will apply well before your event to ensure powerful defense. Don’t let these insects ruin your hard work or your guests’ enjoyment. With our help, we can ensure your event is a resounding success.

Special event mosquito control has never been better with Mosquito Squad of Southern Westchester & Rockland County. We’re your source for Mamaroneck mosquito control. Give us a call at (914) 353-4921.